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7 Reasons a Marketing Plan is Critical

Planning, whether it’s business or for a specific activity such as marketing, is critical.   I know some people are not keen to plan or perhaps are a little impatient. Let me share 7 reasons you really should plan when it comes to your marketing: Marketing Budget.  ...

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Take your people to a better place

Recently, I was fortunate enough to attend the Starlight Foundation CEO breakfast where Virgin Australia boss John Borghetti was the guest speaker. It’s not often that I find a guest speaker so captivating that I take notes, but there were three things he said that...

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Making the most out of LinkedIn

Social media...it’s that brave new 24-hour virtual world of promoting yourself or your business online. Whether you relish it or merely tolerate social media, I believe there’s one avenue that many people make the mistake of under-utilising for networking– LinkedIn. I...
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Why You Should Treat Your Website As An Investment, NOT A Transaction

Doing so, could be the most important business decision you ever make! Having worked in the IT industry for the past 5 years, it’s clear that there is a correlation between investment and your online presence. While you may employ an individual or company to build you...
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How to add Google Analytics to your WordPress website

One of the most important elements of setting up your business website is establishing a way in which you can monitor the traffic that is coming to your site. Unfortunately, this is all too often completely overlooked in the excitement of getting your sparkly new...
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How to ask for recommendations on LinkedIn

A great way to enhance and add credibility to your LinkedIn profile is by the gathering of a suite of recommendations from past employers, clients and colleagues. Recommendations help to add extra depth to your profile and show prospective employers and/or clients...
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How to check if your website content has been stolen!

You put an incredible amount of time and effort into developing your website, and a lot of thought and brain power into writing your copy - deliberating over every word to make sure that it is perfect - and it can be devastating to find out that somebody has...
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The top 6 essential plugins for your WordPress website

The WordPress plugin library can be a pretty overwhelming place to be – plugins for this, plugins for that, plugins for EVERYTHING. It can be so hard to tell the difference between a good plugin, an average plugin and a really bad “steer clear or else” plugin. Over...
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How to create smashing social media graphics that your tribe will LOVE!

We all know that including a gorgeous image with your posts on Facebook can drastically improve the amount of reach and engagement that the post will receive, not to mention that platforms like Pinterest and Instagram are all about standing out from the crowd with...
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Re-set your Mindset . How to make your future positive mindset work for you.

Here’s the good news: Anyone can learn to reset their mindset. However, it does take effort and consistency because apparently, we live in a world where people think negatively. One of the first things to recognise is that 98% of our thoughts and feelings don’t belong...
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How a Mastermind Group can transform your business (and you)

One of the best things I did to develop my business and also grow as a person, was being part of a fantastic mastermind group. If you haven’t already tried it, I’d highly recommend you make this a priority. In my case, our mastermind group took the form of 4 women,...
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Know Yourself – the secret lever to building a better business

When people ask me what I learned doing an MBA, my response is that one of the key things I gained was a better ability to look at a business through different lenses. What do I mean by that? Well, when sitting in a human resources class, the filter was people,...
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Direct Sales: What is it? Why are so many people in it?

Directly selling from one person to another has been around since the dawn of the ages. Starting with hunter gathers and evolving to bartering and then by the 18th century evolving into what we now know as The Direct Sales Industry. It started with men going door to...
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5 Communication Lessons Businesses Can Learn From MasterChef

I don’t usually watch cooking shows, however when I do, I watch MasterChef. Besides being in awe at those who can cook, I found the communication lessons that could be taken away from the show very enlightening. Many of the challenges involve communication, team work...
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Google AdWords: 5 Top Tips for Cost Effective Search Campaigns

Thanks go to the BBB members who provided their AdWords questions in response to my post. I’ve answered many of them in this article. To set up a cost effective AdWords campaign you need marketing skills and AdWords knowledge and experience. Here are my top tips for...
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How to lower the cost of your application

Arriving at a final price for the development of software is not as simple as it sounds. Developing and creating software is a dynamic process that must be embarked upon before knowing all the answers, even though some of those answers would help with costing. When...
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Should you Bluff or Fold? 6 Tips for Revamping your App

It’s 10:30 pm on a Thursday as I’m writing this and I’m stuck at Helensburgh train station for an hour because I didn’t plan exactly how I’d get back to Sutherland. To make matters worse, the air is thick with flying cockroaches and I’m hoping I don’t panic and throw...
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