9 Free or Cheap Ways to Say Thanks to Your Team

A set of words that we should all be saying and hearing more in the workplace is “thank you”. Science backs up the fact that saying thanks has benefits for the person who says it the, the one it is said to and to those who may witness it. Simply observing another saying thank you, led participants to be more helpful towards the grateful person.

5 Ways to Overcome Your Current Challenges

Much of our human nature is not built for us to thrive in our current modern-day times. It is made to keep us alive and conserve energy. Commiserating is a tool humans use to build community and show each other sympathy to remind us we are not alone.

Your digital checklist: Digital non-negotiables for all start-ups and SMEs

While getting your digital life in order might seem like a lot of work, it’s always worth the effort. Building a strong online presence can help your business build a loyal community, gather valuable feedback, increase your reach and attract new customers. 

Why Brand Loyalty Is Vital In Times Of Low Consumer Confidence

There are many factors making consumers think twice when considering a purchase and many are ultimately deciding to tighten their budgets rather than spend what disposable income they have. As a result, brands are starting to feel the pressure.

The three pillars of preparing your business for sale

There comes a time in (most) founders’ lives when their thoughts turn to selling their business.  For some, it has always been the objective, and for some a gradual realisation that this is the endgame.  Regardless of how this objective has been arrived at, the key to a successful exit is preparation, preparation, preparation. 

Save Time Writing Content with Bramework

Save Time Writing Content with Bramework

When you’re creating blogs and other content regularly, it can often feel like you are repeating the same information over and over; and there are only so many ways you can say the same thing.

It’s not unusual to experience writer’s block, whether you’re a professional writer or writing for your own business. But there is a tool that can help.

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As business owners, Linda and Clive know business life and they have created this community and hub to help business owners like you, ‘do what you do’!

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Top time management strategies to keep you motivated

Top time management strategies to keep you motivated

As the saying goes, everyone has the same 24 hours in a day, but in business there are times when that just doesn’t seem enough.
So how can you accomplish all you need to in order to stay on track?
That’s where some effective time management techniques can be invaluable, so let’s walk through 10 things you can do every day to stay on track

Biggest Misconceptions about Networking

Biggest Misconceptions about Networking

Networking is a highly beneficial activity that helps those wanting to grow their business. It’s great for both start-ups, and those with established enterprises. However, there are still people who are not sold on how important networking is. These people are missing out on a great opportunity for growth, and future business longevity.

Why You Should Start PR Now, Before a Crisis Hits

Why You Should Start PR Now, Before a Crisis Hits

Effective crisis management communication is essential when something goes wrong – but it’s often the PR activity that takes place before a crisis hits that determines if and how well you and your business recovers. Businesses that have a strong crisis communication...

Find Products and Services for Your Business in Connect Directory

Every business needs a helping hand now and then and Connect is the Business Business Business Directory designed to easily put business owners in touch with the services they need.

From PR to legal services, business mentoring and accounting, this one-stop business shop gives you the ultimate range of services right at the tip of your fingers.


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