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Welcome to Business Business Business. We started out as a Facebook group where business owners could connect, share knowledge and bounce ideas off of one another.

From there, we’ve gone from strength to strength, and now here we are – our very own website, marketplace and business directory. Our mantra is Learn, Connect, Network and Do, and that’s what Business Business Business is designed to help you achieve.

Business Business Business is a hub of information, made for business owners, by business owners. We know how tough it is out there, and that’s why we created this platform with you in mind.

Five ways to make every project successful

The Australian small business sector is feeling the squeeze as it navigates the dual challenges of competing in a multi-channel, global marketplace,  while meeting the demand for localised, bespoke customer experiences. In addition, consumers are showing hesitancy in...

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Making the most out of LinkedIn

Social media...it’s that brave new 24-hour virtual world of promoting yourself or your business online. Whether you relish it or merely tolerate social media, I believe there’s one avenue that many people make the mistake of under-utilising for networking– LinkedIn. I...
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Why You Should Treat Your Website As An Investment, NOT A Transaction

Doing so, could be the most important business decision you ever make! Having worked in the IT industry for the past 5 years, it’s clear that there is a correlation between investment and your online presence. While you may employ an individual or company to build you...
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How to add Google Analytics to your WordPress website

One of the most important elements of setting up your business website is establishing a way in which you can monitor the traffic that is coming to your site. Unfortunately, this is all too often completely overlooked in the excitement of getting your sparkly new...
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How to ask for recommendations on LinkedIn

A great way to enhance and add credibility to your LinkedIn profile is by the gathering of a suite of recommendations from past employers, clients and colleagues. Recommendations help to add extra depth to your profile and show prospective employers and/or clients...
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How to check if your website content has been stolen!

You put an incredible amount of time and effort into developing your website, and a lot of thought and brain power into writing your copy - deliberating over every word to make sure that it is perfect - and it can be devastating to find out that somebody has...
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