Business Business Business is a community dedicated to educating and empowering business owners with knowledge resources and skills and is founded on the guideline of if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all and articles submitted to the site are to follow this ethos.

If you have an article you would like to submit for our team to review this is the place to do it. Please note our current review time for articles is between 14-30 days and we are running 60-90 days ahead in terms of publication dates.

Articles submitted to Business Business Business:

  • Must be the work of the author and be accompanied by the author’s details including their email address. (this creates the author profile and is essential that the email belongs to the author not a PR person or assistant etc)
  • Be educational and informative in nature and not advertorial or promotional in content. (If your article is promoting a business, person, product or service it will attract an advertorial fee to run)
  • Be between 550-2000 words using headings and lists to make it easy to read.
  • Have an SEO friendly title of up to 65 characters which entices the viewer to click and read.
  • Be supportive and encouraging in tone.
  • Articles may contain 3 links to supporting information/articles however none of these is to be an affiliate link or promotional link to a business. (They must be relevant to the article and it’s context) promotional and affiliate links will be removed.

Articles submitted to Business Business Business are subject to editorial review and submission does not guarantee the item will be published.

Our Editorial team may undertake light editing, but if an article requires more than 3 edits it will either be rejected or we will ask the author to resubmit.

Authors whose articles are accepted for publication on Business Business Business will appear on our Contributing Authors Page and will have a bio complete with icons that link to a website and social media (as submitted) accompanying each published article.

By submitting content via the form below you acknowledge that you are authorised to submit the copy for publication and agree to the above guidelines. Also that you have checked the content is ready for publication and does not need further editing. (Edits needed post-publication will attract a $55 fee)

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