Author: Linda Reed-Enever

A healthy business means you need to make time for you

One of the hardest things when juggling work, business and family is making time for you. As a Mum you are often putting kids, hubby and business before your needs and if a friend in need calls you will go and help them too! Which are all great qualities and what we love about mummies but what about making time for you before you go stir crazy or burn out? Remember a happy family needs a happy Mummy not a stressed one. I was reminded of this today when this morning I am juggling dishes, phone and writing and article...

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Webinar: Generate more traffic for your blog with Missing Lettr – Jan 9th 2018

We are being joined by Missing Lettr Founder Benjamin Dell. Benjamin is going to show us how to generate more traffic to our blogs! Missinglettr creates strategic, automated social media campaigns that drive traffic for an entire year. Leaving you to focus on what’s really important. In this webinar, Benjamin will be providing a demo of the Missinglettr platform with some time set aside for a short Q&A. During this time, you’ll learn: – How to link your blog to Missinglettr in just a few minutes – Why creating a drip social marketing campaign can massively boost your sites...

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Webinar: Learn how to add CTAs to every link you share with Micheal Cheng – Jan 16th

We are excited to have Micheal Cheng back from Sniply and Lumen5! This time Mike is going to show us how to add Call to Actions with every link we share – how cool is that! In this webinar with Micheal we will cover: How to add a Call-to-Action to every link you share, allowing you to engage with your followers as they are clicking through your shared links How to increase brand awareness through content curation by providing a unique browsing experience for your followers How to access deeper analytics and build retargeting audiences by sharing third party contentThis...

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Learn how to create engaging videos in under 5 minutes – Jan 23rd

Micheal Cheng from Lumen 5 is back to show us tips and tricks for creating videos in minutes. Video, as we know, is king on social media so let’s make the most of it for your business. In this webinar with Micheal we will cover: Learn about the importance of video content in today’s marketing world Learn how to use Lumen5’s A.I. video creator to produce engaging videos for your marketing efforts Learn how to setup a system to have videos created automatically for you on an ongoing basis Michael Cheng is one of the cofounders at Lumen5 and...

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Replay: Get Started with LinkedIn – Demystifying LinkedIn to Grow your Business with Jo Saunders – October 31st

Your LinkedIn Profile is a piece of your marketing toolkit that needs to be optimized to be found, remembered and chosen. If your profile has been neglected or doesn’t exist, consider the opportunities you could be missing out on. Jo has definitely helped us Demystifying LinkedIn in this webinar. With over 500 million global professionals it is the largest professional social network. Whether or not you are active, LinkedIn ranks highly with Google.   Optmising your profile means you can leverage this traffic to be found by your ideal clients, for no cost! In this webinar we will demystify the foundations...

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