Author: Linda Reed-Enever

Ticked off – the to-do list! – Tips to rock your To-do

Right now this very post is part of my to-do list. Once complete, I will take my overly large marker and gleefully strike a cross through its title on a list, notching up a small success for this very busy day. It will join a host of other tasks with lines through it –  some significant, some menial, some entirely unrelated to work. But if all goes well by the time I’ve queued up Netflix late tonight a welcome feeling of accomplishment will lull me to sleep. Which begs the question, why are some days achievable and others the...

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Tips to help you write a Press Release

Writing a media or press release can seem like a big job but with help from resources like the Media Connections Template Library and the following tips you will be well on your way to creating your release and connecting with the Media. With newsrooms on the look out for stories NOW is a great time to share yours with them. After all, if you don’t share your story with the media, who will! So let’s get started on drafting a release:   Write a great headline: This should be a short and snappy attention grabber. It should include points from your...

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A healthy business means you need to make time for you

One of the hardest things when juggling work, business and family is making time for you. As a Mum you are often putting kids, hubby and business before your needs and if a friend in need calls you will go and help them too! Which are all great qualities and what we love about mummies but what about making time for you before you go stir crazy or burn out? Remember a happy family needs a happy Mummy not a stressed one. I was reminded of this today when this morning I am juggling dishes, phone and writing and article...

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What is the actual cost of FREE PR to your business?

In business time is money and among the list of things to fill that time is establishing a media presence to attract clientele and carefully hone your image. It takes time and consistent effort to ensure your company is presented in the best light to the widest possible audience, regardless of whether you outsource your PR or handle it in-house. Despite what some will tell you, there’s no such thing as FREE PR For each moment you spend on FREE PR you are taking away time from your revenue generating activities. If you are a business owner time spent...

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Being a Working Mum comes down to How, What, When and Why

It is the start of a new year and for many parent’s it can be decision time to head back to work or not. For me I always knew that I would be a Working Mum – I love the juggle and the thrill of business and my daughter is happier for it I am sure. For some Mums that decision is not so clear so, what to do when the decision needs to be made to become a working mum – or not. As Mums we hold within us some amazing talents for the job pool. Not only do we have our work life skills we also have Mummy skills that transition amazing well into the workforce. When looking at becoming a working mum look at what you ‘can do’ not what you haven’t done. Like most things in life It is all about How, What, When and Why. Look at the How Becoming a working Mum can happen early or late in the Mummy journey How are you going to look for work How are you going to work – at home/outside of home How are the kids going to be looked after while you work How will family life operate when you go back to work How Much you need/want to earn What motivates you? Going back to work requires motivation so it is important to...

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