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A Canadian Co-Author’s 25-year Writing Journey

The world of writing is constantly evolving and the fast-paced changes keep us in this ongoing university level of learning. There always seems to be so much to do, and it can sometimes feel overwhelming.

“Take the time to do the task at hand thoroughly, utilize it well, learn everything that you can do with it, make a plan that allows you to nurture and maintain the work you have done, and THEN take on the next task”. ~ Lillian Brummet

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Must-Have Collaboration Tools for E-commerce Teams

Any business — no matter the type — can only succeed through teamwork. An e-commerce business is no different. E-commerce businesses in Australia have experienced immense growth and most owners are busier than ever. This article dives into the importance of collaboration in an e-commerce business, discusses tips on how to adapt to this growth through teamwork, and explores collaboration tools that can help businesses achieve this goal.

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5 Habits Pulling the Handbrake on Your Happiness: A Must for Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

In the fast-paced business world, entrepreneurs often overlook the impact of everyday habits on their well-being and productivity. Small adjustments in daily routines can lead to significant improvements. Research shows that 76% of small business owners experience adverse health effects from work-related stress, including reduced productivity. Here are the five crucial habits to address: eating, breathing, sleep, movement and hydration.

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Preparing for the Holiday Season: the Christmas Cash Jingle

Angus Sedgwick is the CEO of leading Australian financing company OptiPay and has some great advice on avoiding cash flow challenges during the busy holidays ahead. Whilst some SMEs are preparing to wind down over the holiday season, for many Australian businesses this is their busiest time of the year and they’re preparing to make their biggest profits.

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Unlock Your Productivity – 3 Tips You’ve Never Tried Before

Productivity is an essential component of a flourishing workplace, one that promotes contentment and success for both employees and business owners alike. The advantages of a genuinely productive work environment extend far beyond maximising output. They encompass increased job satisfaction, improved motivation, superior time management, and heightened quality of work.

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Working Smarter: Using Technology to Make Your Small Team Feel Like a Big Team

The world moves fast, and staying productive and meeting deliverables at an increasingly rapid rate is a challenge that every team faces. At Neon Supply, we’ve harnessed technology’s power to streamline our processes, enhance productivity, and deliver exceptional results to our clients. We use a suite of tools to stay on task and expedite our creative processes.

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My Favourite Blogging for Business Tools

I am here in the office working on the Blogging for Business eCourse and filming how to’s on my favourite blogging tools and thought I might put together a quick blog for our Business Business Business community on my favourite blogging tools for business right now! The secret to blogging and blogging often is making the most of the tools available to you to create content and then share it.

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