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Accurately Forecasting Your Cash Flow for the Year Ahead

You’ve probably heard the phrase ‘cash flow is king’ and with tough economic times for many Australian SME’s never has this been more true. Cash flow is what separates a thriving business from one struggling to stay afloat.

It encompasses all revenue generation, operational expenses and investment activities. Businesses that manage their cash flow efficiently ensure more cash is entering the business than leaving it which enables them to grow and expand.

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5 Ways to get my Social Media generating leads (without needing ads)

“My social media isn’t working” Is often what I hear. In response I ask, “Is it in your calendar? Do you have a strategy? Do you map it out?” Of which the answer is almost always NO on all accounts. Besides getting your marketing planned and into your calender, Ive created 5 ways you can get leads from social media without spending a dime on paid advertising. Enjoy

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5 top tips for attracting the right people to your team

Having the right team is so important for any operation. Having individuals who give a damn, who are keen to learn, who respond well to feedback. Those people who take ownership for their role and free us to focus on growing the business.
Sadly, way too many businesses are settling for people who were never right. People who take your time and sap your energy – who the rest of your team are desperate for you to sort out.
So how do you attract the ‘right’ people to your team? Let’s find out…

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Unveiling the Digital Strategy Behind Perfect Locks Llc’s Success

Priyanka Swamym, CEO of Perfect Locks LLC, shares her expertise on digital strategy: Start with a user-friendly website, use social media for exposure and engagement, employ organic marketing and targeted advertising, analyze data for optimization, utilize email marketing for customer retention, and prioritize consumer feedback for continuous improvement.

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Unleash Your Job Hunt Mojo: 10 Catchy Tips for Landing Your Dream Job

Essential tips for job seekers to streamline their search. By defining priorities, navigating various job search platforms, and leveraging recruitment specialists, readers can focus their efforts effectively. The article emphasizes getting specific about job preferences and concentrating efforts on selected avenues to increase the likelihood of success in landing the ideal role.

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Expert reveals eight tips for writing a press release that gets you noticed

A great press release can help open your brand up to a whole new audience and connect with your customers. But they can be difficult to write, particularly if you want to cut through the noise and make sure you get coverage.

Journalists don’t have a lot of time and believe me, they receive thousands of press releases. This means that, unless you grab their attention quickly, your press release may just end up straight in the bin. But how do you get yours noticed? Here are my eight top tips.

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Thriving Minds: The ShipSage Approach to Business Health

In “Thriving Minds: The ShipSage Approach to Business Health,” Ben Pu, CEO of ShipSage, advocates for integrating mental health into business strategy, emphasizing its significance for innovation and productivity in the e-commerce sector. Drawing on data, Pu outlines how ShipSage’s commitment to employee well-being fuels creativity, reduces turnover, and enhances operational efficiency.

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