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The Seven Most Expensive Words in Business

The seven most expensive words in any organisation are:
‘We have always done it that way!’

How often do you hear those words around your workplace? Wasn’t it only last week when a senior manager blocked a new employee’s suggestion with that exact phrase and added:

‘You just don’t understand how we do things around here.’

If this sounds familiar, it’s time to seriously examine the way you operate in today’s fast-paced environment.,..

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Can PR Increase Sales?

Many confuse public relations as a sales or marketing tool. The goal of a PR campaign is not to generate a fast ROI or ignite a quick flow of revenue. While the long tail of a public relations effort can and often does result in acquiring new customers its main focus is to build brand recognition, trust, credibility, and mutually beneficial relationships with stakeholders.

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A Comprehensive Guide to Machine Translation Tools for Multilingual Education

As the world grows more interconnected, multilingual education becomes crucial for fostering global understanding. Educators face challenges in addressing diverse language backgrounds and cultural differences in classrooms. Machine Translation (MT) tools offer solutions by bridging communication gaps. These tools, such as Google Translate and Microsoft Translator, facilitate text, speech, and image translation in over 100 languages. They aid comprehension, collaboration, and peer learning among

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Are initial letters a good trade mark?

Combinations of 3 or more letters can be registered as a trade mark, but can provide quite narrow protection against use or registration of rival marks on similar goods or services. KFC opposed Grill’d’s trade mark application for HFC and lost because the Trade Marks Office considered that KFC and HFC were not sufficiently similar.

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Fuelling the Future: How EV Charging Can Boost Your Businesses

Curious about the buzz around EV charging stations? Wondering how they could benefit your business? In this article, we explore the potential benefits to your business of installing EV chargers, from enhancing your brand’s eco-credentials to creating destination hotspots in your parking lot and unlocking new revenue streams. Find out how embracing the EV revolution could shape the future of your business and get ahead of the curve today.

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