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Manage Your Twitter Engagement Better

Twitter is one of those social media sites that can work well for many businesses, but marketing and engagement on the platform isn’t as simple as other platforms out there. It can certainly be time consuming writing and sharing posts and links, replying to comments and monitoring the conversations in your community. 

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Become Your Own Boss with Thinkific

Have you always wanted to quit your 9 to 5 and go out on your own? It’s the dream for many – to become your own boss and leave your mark on this world. If this is you, it’s time to join over 50k creators and check out Thinkific.

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No Graphics Background – No Worries with Visme

If you have no design background, it’s normal to think that you need to hire a graphic designer or a marketing team member with a design background. However there are a range of programs out there where you can create presentations, infographics, documents, videos and graphics with little design experience – and they will still look great. Visme is one of those products

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Grammarly Gives a Second Pair of Eyes

Clear and mistake-free documents and content are important for anyone, whether you run a small business, write documents and emails for a large business or are a student. The problem is, most of us read our documents and content so many times that we know what it’s meant to say and we often skip mistakes because we just don’t see them, Grammarly changes this.

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Easy Course Creation with Thinkific

Many business owners consider the idea of putting together a course or membership site, whether it be as part of a product or service they sell or simply as a way to add on what they already offer. Unfortunately, while there are a lot of websites out there offering courses and membership sites, and a lot of information telling you how to do it, it isn’t always easy.

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Forgot Your Password? LastPass Remembers

How many passwords do you have? How many times do you reset those passwords because you have forgotten them? Unsurprisingly it is common, and plenty of people spend far too much time resetting passwords over and over. LastPass is a secure password manager that saves, stores and organises all your login and password details into an encrypted vault. You can log in from any device as long as you remember your master login details.

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Gain More Listeners with Simple Podcast Press

As a podcaster, you’ve likely invested plenty of time in creating, editing and publishing your podcast content (not to mention sharing it). However you may have noticed, like many, that your downloads aren’t increasing – there’s not enough people listening no matter how many big names you interview, how much interesting content you put out there or how many times you share.

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Growing YouTube Engagement with TubeBuddy

If you’re already publishing videos on YouTube, or even if you’re just considering it, TubeBuddy is a browser extension that can help you grow your channel. The extension allows you to take a deeper look into the rankings and tags of other published videos, which gives you an idea of the trending tags that you can then add to your own channel. 

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