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Interact Quiz Maker: Attract, Segment, Convert Your Leads

Interact utilizes their expertise from working with thousands of businesses to empower their quiz maker. Choose from 800+ pre-made quiz templates already fine-tuned to attract your target audience. Personality Quizzes, Assessment Quizzes, Scored Quizzes – what do these have in common? The power to suck you in and not let go until you’re done. Discover a goldmine of information from your audience while they see your expertise in your questions and quiz answers/results.  This is what converts your quiz takers into more specific leads, subscribers and buyers. 

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Save Time Writing Content with Bramework

Introducing Bramework, your AI-powered writing assistant designed to streamline the process of crafting SEO-friendly, engaging content. Whether you’re tackling lengthy articles or crafting snappy social media posts, Bramework has your back. Say goodbye to staring at a blank page and hello to effortless content creation.

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Legal obligations When Using AI in Your business

In a business world that is ever changing with the increasing use of automation, Artificial Intelligence is rapidly becoming the fastest way to streamline your business needs. Using AI can reduce costs, increase productivity, and enhance your ability to communicate effectively with your customers. However, there are legal implications to using AI that are necessary to understand so that your company’s use of AI is within legal and ethical bounds.

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Important Benefits You Should Be Offering Your Employees!

Offering a strong benefits package is key for any business, as not only does it help you to attract great talent, but it also helps you to maintain employees, as you’re showing them that you care about their well being outside of work, whether it’s financial, mental or anything in between. So, on top of the basic set of benefits you should offer (competitive salary, good pension, sick leave, healthcare etc.), you should go above and beyond to provide that extra something to your employees.

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5 Ways to get my Social Media generating leads (without needing ads)

“My social media isn’t working” Is often what I hear. In response I ask, “Is it in your calendar? Do you have a strategy? Do you map it out?” Of which the answer is almost always NO on all accounts. Besides getting your marketing planned and into your calender, Ive created 5 ways you can get leads from social media without spending a dime on paid advertising. Enjoy

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