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11 Simple Strategies to Become Super Productive When Working at Home

If you are like me and spend a good portion of your week working at home, then you’ll know how easy it is to get distracted and finish the day wondering if you managed to achieve anything important. Recently I’ve been looking at ways to improve my own, and my teams, productivity when we are working at home and I’m happy to say we’ve found some hints, tips and tricks which really do help.  Discover 11 simple strategies to boost your productivity when working at home.

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Technology Meets Teamwork: The Significance of Virtual Meetings

Virtual meetings have revolutionized teamwork in today’s fast-paced world. They save time and money, enable global collaboration, increase attendance and participation, and reduce carbon emissions. Effective virtual meetings require proper planning and clear guidelines. Video conferencing is a key tool for virtual meetings, enhancing engagement and collaboration.

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Tips for Running a Remote Team

Managing remote work is still challenging for many businesses, supervisors, and HRs. Even for employees, the autonomy that comes with remote work can be overwhelming. With a lack of nonverbal cues in remote work environments, feeling of isolation, and blurred boundaries between home and office, remote employees can apparently inhibit an entirely different behavior from what is expected in a physical office environment. At times, managers may tend to lose patience, and unwanted situations may ar

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How to Use Colour and Lighting to Improve Productivity (and get more done) in Your Office

Colour and lighting are often overlooked when it comes to office design, but they can play a significant role in improving productivity. Studies have shown that the right combination of colours and lighting can help employees feel more focused and energised, leading to better performance and greater productivity – which means you and your team can get more work done in less time!

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Crucial Elements of a True Digital Workplace

The traditional, office-based work model has been upended by the pandemic, scattering marketing teams to their homes or other workplaces. The spectacular growth of web-based video conferencing, collaboration and other tools has supported this transformation, blurring the lines between the physical office and the place where creative work actually happens.

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