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6 Work From Home Jobs

It used to be the case that work from home/remote jobs were less profitable and prestigious than those jobs where you worked on location. However, advances in technology and the positive experience many companies had while remote working during the COVID-19 pandemic mean that many jobs can now be done remotely with minimal impact on the business.

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How eLearning Reduces Corporate Training Costs

Many organisations understand the importance of corporate training for both people and businesses, and provide learning opportunities to their employees. However, despite ever-evolving eLearning technologies, some companies still believe that the best way to develop a team is through traditional instructor-led training.

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Remote Assistance: How Augmented Reality is Helping Businesses During the Pandemic

In recent years, the way businesses operate and how consumers buy and consume has faced many changes. The current reality has made thousands of offices unnecessary by replacing them with work from home, at the same time the development of the so-called work remotely has undergone drastic development

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6 Tips to Improve Collaboration and Productivity in Remote Teams

One of the key aspects of being a Virtual Assistant is working remotely. It’s one of those situations where it truly ‘does what is says on the can’. It’s virtual. We thought this would be a great opportunity to talk about remote teams and give you some tips on how to maintain productivity and collaboration whilst working in remote or geographically dispersed teams.

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