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Creating a Culture of Learning to Fuel the Future of Work

A learning culture involves creating an environment where continuous learning is integrated into daily work life, encouraging employees to take ownership of their growth. Developing a learning culture within organisations as a strategic approach to enhance innovation, employee engagement, and overall performance, is important in business. By investing in advanced eLearning technologies to facilitate personalised learning, this can attract & retain top talent whilst creating a culture of learning

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Important Benefits You Should Be Offering Your Employees!

Offering a strong benefits package is key for any business, as not only does it help you to attract great talent, but it also helps you to maintain employees, as you’re showing them that you care about their well being outside of work, whether it’s financial, mental or anything in between. So, on top of the basic set of benefits you should offer (competitive salary, good pension, sick leave, healthcare etc.), you should go above and beyond to provide that extra something to your employees.

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5 top tips for attracting the right people to your team

Having the right team is so important for any operation. Having individuals who give a damn, who are keen to learn, who respond well to feedback. Those people who take ownership for their role and free us to focus on growing the business.
Sadly, way too many businesses are settling for people who were never right. People who take your time and sap your energy – who the rest of your team are desperate for you to sort out.
So how do you attract the ‘right’ people to your team? Let’s find out…

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Unleash Your Job Hunt Mojo: 10 Catchy Tips for Landing Your Dream Job

Essential tips for job seekers to streamline their search. By defining priorities, navigating various job search platforms, and leveraging recruitment specialists, readers can focus their efforts effectively. The article emphasizes getting specific about job preferences and concentrating efforts on selected avenues to increase the likelihood of success in landing the ideal role.

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Navigating Dual Roles: Can an Employee Hold Both Permanent and Casual Positions with Your Business

Modern work arrangements have been rapidly evolving over the last few years and employers are facing a new question: can an employee hold both a permanent and casual position within their business? The answer is YES, but it comes with both advantages and challenges. Whether you’re a small or medium business owner or a seasoned entrepreneur, this article explores managing dual roles, covering legal compliance and practical implementation considerations.

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How Mutual Teaching Transforms Professional Development

This article introduces “mutual teaching,” a cost-free professional development method where employees teach and learn from each other, transcending traditional mentorship’s hierarchical limitations. Unlike typical programs in today’s companies, mutual teaching involves weekly pairings where each team member both teaches and learns a skill from different colleagues. It fosters a collaborative, open environment and promotes personal connections.

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