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How to Select the Best Call Centre Agents While Hiring

A call centre is the heart of business communication. It is the channel that brings news from customers to the business and vice-versa. The quality of service offered at call centres greatly affect customer experience which in turn affects your business sales. It is therefore, important to hire the best call centre agents for your call centre and know how to hire them. 

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Gartner overestimates Australian boards’ cybersecurity threat readiness

Boards need to manage cyber risk just as they manage financial, reputational, regulatory and other risks. In those contexts boards define, either formally or tacitly, what level of risk they are prepared to accept for each area they manage. This defines the long-term strategy and resource allocation they are prepared to commit to in order to mitigate those risks.

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Five ways to encourage diversity and inclusion in your workplace

It’s important for organisations to demonstrate their commitment to maintaining a high standard of company culture with a strong focus on creating an environment that promotes diversity and inclusion. Fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace and supporting employees both professionally and personally should be a priority for business leaders.

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When can an employee return to work after being on workers compensation?

Once injured on the job it can be difficult to assess when an employee is ready to return. This is often due to differences of opinion regarding the worker’s ongoing level of disability, available work, and the employers’/insurance carriers’ willingness to continue to make workers compensation payments to an injured employee. Based on all this, the insurance carrier has the right to make a decision with regards to the employees capacity to return to work.

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