Detailed Information
Stop stressing and guessing when it comes to your marketing and social media.

Learn the skills you need through expert training, resources and tools. Grow your confidence in a safe space, free of jargon and BS.

Welcome to the place where you can learn how to do Better Social®. It’s something I believe so strongly about, I trademarked the phrase.

Better Social means better return on your investment (of time and money). I teach you how to understand your customers and clients and use soft tools like empathy and hard ones like insights and analytics, to create content that; resonates, educates, informs, delights…leading to greater engagement and a better chance of converting your followers to customers, clients and brand advocates.

Better Social also means better for you. I give you the confidence and skills you need to feel good about your content. I teach you how to have positive relationships with your social media apps. No more stressing and guessing about what to post and if it’s good enough or if you’re good enough.

Better Social also refers to my personal mission to help make social media a more genuine and positive place to be. A place to support and be supported.

There are heaps of ways that I can work with your small business, organisation or community group. I offer personalised social media training in a one-on-one setting. I can develop social media marketing strategy for you or with you. I offer group workshops and webinars on a range of topics and I also offer customised workshops for your organisation, group, membership or Board. And I have even developed a range of courses and resources full of value with zero fluff.