We all love Facebook and how it always keeps us at the edges of our seats. Safe to say, Everyone is on Facebook, but not everyone can Facebook!

This is not anyone’s’ fault, it’s because Facebook is always changing. In 2012, Facebook presented another element called ‘Facebook Offers’. Long story short, we utilized it and produced more than 10 000 optins to our offer in just 24 hours. We were among the first to the post. Now again in 2016, a new cutting edge feature has been introduced, to help you grow your lists and Leads. This new animal they have termed Facebook Live.

Facebook Live

Insane, however not that simple, this Live feature can be a game changer to your lead generation efforts as well as your social media authority. We may have already given it a test run and also noticed how the greats are using it. I for one have had a lot of fun trying it out  and have come up with these 10 best tips to get the most out of your Facebook Live Streaming

I will tell you this, the folk at Facebook are not sleeping to ensure that you have the most cutting edge, lead generation platform on the internet, and this new product is a testament to that.

Now the good stuff.

Facebook has as of late presented another new element called ‘Facebook LIVE!’, and It’s CUTTING EDGE!

I’m certain you have seen it! I bet you have even seen the CHEWBACCA woman… She has of late broke the record for most LIVE VIDEO’s over. 140 million  views in just 3 days. Amazing!

Well obviously, I can’t help you get that many views, at least not just yet. Be that as it may, I can REALLY help you get this off the ground and begin making deals and producing leads as soon as you finish reading this.

Indeed since Facebook Live has become a thing, many of the industry greats are now using it as a way to connect with their estranged following. As we all know, organic reach had become a thing of the past, but Facebook Live seems to be reviving it. So rest assure, your long lost followers can hear from you again, but you have got to do it perfectly, and that’s what I am about to share with you. So take action, and revive your following into a large number of new leads.

It slowly becomes your own broadcasting station where you can do what you want, without the production costs and hustle. (On the off chance that it is utilized right).

At the point when offers came out, we were pumping them. WHY? Facebook truly needed to make them work. Presently, Facebook needs video to win the web. What’s more, it is.

Also, I don’t need you to pass up a great opportunity.

Here Are 10 Of The Best Tips Out There To Dominate Facebook Live Streaming

#1: Make the most of it.

You are live, the people watching are live. So engage them, motivate them to comment, like or share back. People are watching that video live and it makes them feel like they are a part of it. They will do whatever you ask of them. That’s where the power is. They are there to watch and secretly hope you will mess up, since its Live. They are engaging different emotions to when they watch a video. Tap into that. That’s the power right there. And if you are prepared, then obviously you won’t mess up Viola, you have just delivered the best message you can to an engaged audience.

#2 Read out their names.

There is something so magical about that in itself. Truth be told numerous studies demonstrate the best sound anyone can ever hear , is the is the sound of their own name. Work on that. Especially when you are starting, you may have 5-10 viewers at most, engage them and get them to write comments and send smiley faces and as said before, get them to help you Share your live broadcast.

Give it a go.

#3 Ask where they are from, and how you can be of help

Ask what they are doing well at that point. Ask anything you like, have a lot of fun and appreciate this stunning open door, remember these people have given you their time and attention. You are not a cat or a cute baby, maximise on that window of attention before they go scrolling for cats and cute babies, or whatever people look for in their timeline. And as you know we are in business to fix problems, if they have a question, answer it promptly. I advise having a cheat sheet of FAQs handy. Remember you are live.

I know this sounds like a no-brainer, however, I see such a bunch of individuals going live and simply sitting there like a Lion at a Zoo.

#4 . Content, Content, Content

This is just amazing.

Facebook and Mark are brilliant kids, we definitely know that by now. They are gathering information all through your whole stream… Meaning… in the event that you are anything like me, you will do streams going from 30 minutes-an hour and a half.

Sounds like,a long time. However, it is so justified, and yes people do watch it.

So what happens after your live video? Individuals still get the opportunity to watch it. It gets recorded on your page. This is where we get creative. You can use tools to download this video from your wall and post it on Youtube or embed it on your website. The list is endless. Remember, Content is King. You will have created content to last you a while. If you are the tech savvy type, you can chop it up and repost relevant segments and even boost those posts.

#5 Emphasise the great points in your stream.

Facebook has just in the last weeks  released an article that changed the live stream capacities, which means, you can now use all the 5 emojis to comment. By getting viewers to like it and get TONS of emojis going off. So lets say you are at the 25 min mark and there is your first pitch or valid point, Facebook has brought out the ability to skip to the best parts (judged by interaction). Later day viewers won’t have to watch the entire stream to get the value. So they just skip to the best parts based on interaction!

Goodness! That is huge. On the off chance that you haven’t yet seen why, let me clarify.

Suppose you were pitching an offer, or giving a valid point or free offer, which I encourage (who doesn’t like Freebies?). That is another tip if you haven’t realised. And you requested that individuals hit the like Emoji, and if enough veiwers do, you will let them know how they can get your free stuff. (You will have single handedly made a FOCAL point for your stream for future viewers).

#6: Use it to Generate Leads.

As we are all in this to get a return on our investment, let’s explore a few ways in which we can use this service as a free and cost-effective lead generation tool. This one is straightforward, however, I am not seeing a lot do this yet. I am certain there is somebody who might have started, but certainly not you reading this or people whose Live Video you have watched, certainly not in our space.

Here is the scenario.

During the Live stream say something like this: “On the off chance that you might want to find out more about our up and coming “Predictable Clients Blueprint Training”, just Type the word “training” in the comments. We will send you a link to register”.

WAIT! What I simply shared right there is SO powerful.

Don’t simply repeat an url or a link and hope they will jump up and google it. (You also don’t want them to leave promptly either, unless that is your objective).

Make it as simple as you can for the viewer. YES! That implies if 100 respond with your code word, you should answer each and every one of them. Remember when we said people love the sound of their name? A personal touch will go a long way these days.

Pro Tip: Go back to your newsfeed consistently (or get another person to) as some of the people who watch the video later, will in any case put in their code word even tho it is not live. This is a free lead generator of very focused and targeted prospects taking care of business for you.

#7 Establish your authority.

Remember, as mentioned earlier, most people are engaged because they want to secretly see you fail. This is mainly because the number one fear amongst all of us is the fear of public speaking. You get instant authority if you can stand in front of people without pinch of shame about you in your Live stream

Don’t pass up a major opportunity for this.

#8: Share Your Video while you are LIVE!

This will be somewhat hard in the event that you are alone, but you can ask your veiwers to do so for you. Or your friends.

This is the EXACT strategy I used to reach more than 200k people in just 30 minutes.

#9: Have A System To Follow

Whilst this is fun and exciting to have the capacity to be your own TV station, there should be a reason. Particularly in the event that you are ready and about to deliver the best pitch of your business. It is preparation that will transform you into a FACEBOOK Live Guru in a matter of seconds. Like I said even after reading this piece.

There are things that you do PRE, DURING and POST Live stream. The 3 Critical segments to an effective live stream. Most of which are listed already in this blog.

#10: Have Fun with it.

I know it can be daunting and overwhelming to go LIVE. What will everyone think? How will they react? What if I freeze? Just remember this, those watching you are giving you all the respect in the world, because they cant do it themselves. Although, some may totaly hate on you and some may think you SUCK! In any case, learn to expect the unexpected. They are already doing those things behind your back anyway. (Not everyone is your customer) The ones whom the message is intended for will do what you ask of them and yeah you establish your Authority and grow your following and leads in the same time. Don’t forget, like I had done, to ask them to subscribe, so they hear more from you when you go Live again, because after reading this, every post from you will be a live post.

Bonus: if you really cant face the camera, give people a tour behind the scenes, bring people into your world, show them how you get them results. They will love you for that. Just have fun with it.

See you live