We all know the saying “content is king”, well video content is the future of marketing and engagement. Bonjoro is a great way to impress your customers with a personal touch through personalised video messages.

How can Bonjoro work for you?

Video Creation

You can create, share and track personalised videos from your desktop or while on the go from your phone. Being able to track exactly how your customers interact with your videos gives you instant feedback on what’s working and what isn’t, meaning you can tweak further messages to suit your customers. It takes just minutes to create videos, add your branding and CTA buttons and then send it off to your customer.

Video Workflows

If you’re spending far too much tracking when you need to send videos to your clients, Bonjoro can save you time. Set up video workflows to send engaging videos at key moments – when you get a new client, a product or service is purchased, or at certain points throughout the customer lifecycle. For course creators, you can trigger videos to be sent when your students reach certain points of the course.


Bonjoro offers a range of video templates for the ultimate customer engagement, and with an average of over 60% open rate, you’ve got a great chance in converting your leads. You can add booking forms and surveys right onto the landing page for your video, giving you the best chance for conversion.

Bonjoro integrates with over 1000 tools including Zapier, Hubspot, Shopify, Active Campaign and Thinkific.  At Business Business Business we use Bonjoro to provide a more human to human connection with those that matter the most in our business – our clients.

Are you ready to get more leads, engage your customers and grow your business? Try Bonjoro. For Business Business Business members, Bonjoro is offering 15% off all plans when you pay upfront, using this link.

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