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Forget your passwords – Meet LastPass

There are so many passwords we have to keep as business owners and we all know that using the same one just isn’t safe. But HOW do you keep track of all the passwords? Definitely not in your head.

With LastPass you can protect, yet still readily access every password in your business. Every password is an entryway to your business, and LastPass makes it easy to secure them all. It has been a tool that has been in our toolkit for almost nine years now.

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Time to Act on Time Tracking with ActiTIME

Time is a business asset and all assets in business have more value when tracked and an accounted for. actiTIME is a simple Time Tracker for Data-Driven Business, providing you with  a convenient way to manage project scope, assign tasks, track time and analyse your business performance. Meaning you know where time is being spent and what each project is really costing you. Easy Time Tracking and User Management – actiTIME has a user-friendly interface that allows easy time entry with the option to enter comments with each entry. It has a built-in time track approval process that enables...

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