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A Fresh Look at Entrepreneurial Women

Did you know that over the last 2 decades, the number of female-owned businesses grew by 74%? That’s just one of the many tidbits you’ll find in A Look at Entrepreneurial Women, an infographic developed by FreshBooks that explores the history of female entrepreneurs and uses data from FreshBooks first annual survey.

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50% off Missing Lettr for your first 6 months – Turn your blogs in to Social Media Content

Missing Lettr are offering our members 50% off so you can turn your blog posts into social media content in just a few clicks!  Do you forget to market your blog posts? We’ve all been there. Fortunately, Missinglettr never forgets. Missing Lettr’s automatic social campaigns help you maximise the engagement potential for each blog post you write.           50% off for your first 6 months Sponsored Content: This post is sponsored content and the placement has been paid for or contains affiliate links. For full information, see our terms of...

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Contentmart Review: How to Hire the Freelance Writer of Your Dreams in 5 Easy Steps

Reviewers Experience: Content is king. This is a common phrase that we keep hearing! Gone are those days when one looked only at the website design or the appealing images on the web page. When the prospective clients visit your site, they look at the product but they spend more time in reading the product description. The whole world is looking for information. If they are able to find the relevant information on your site then they do not need to visit any other website. As a business owner or a blogger, you wish to hire a writer for...

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