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Create Social Posts from your blog in minutes with Missing Lettr and Save 50%

We loved Missing Lettr when we discovered it! It takes your blog posts draws from it Tweets that you can share throughout the year. We use it here at BBB! We asked Tech Founder and Social Media Marketing expert Benjamin Dell from Missing Lettr and chatted Successful Social Media Habits. He even offered a very special bonus 50% off as part webinar:     Get 50% off Missing Lettr Sponsored Content: This post is sponsored content and contains affiliate links, which means we may receive a commission if you make a purchase using the links in this...

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Free resources available for branding, websites and design

A great website and professional branding are critical to how customers find and perceive an enterprise. Websites are often the first point of contact the public has with an operation, and branding consistently reflects the ethos of a business, distinguishing you from competitors. In this session we cover the free resources available to members of the Business Business Business community to help out with these two fundamental areas. Websites Over the past decade or so websites have come to be one of the most essential elements of business marketing. They not only tell an operation’s story and reveal critical...

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Free resources to assist business with accounting and bookkeeping

At the end of the day, business is all about the numbers, but for many business owners accounting, bookkeeping, and invoicing are the most tedious and frustrating chores of an enterprise. This is an area where business owners often step out of their comfort zone to learn the red tape ropes of GST, tax, invoicing and wages, and just to make it more challenging the rules often shift. The good news is, there’s help at hand, and here are just some of the free services available to assist: Accounting “Don’t ever let your business get ahead of the financial...

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Free marketing and PR resources to have your business message heard

As a business owner you might have established great services and excellent products, but they mean little if no-one knows you exist, which is where PR and marketing come in. PR and marketing are the essential channels to have your message heard either through the media or your own focus areas like newsletters, advertising, and e-books. But like mastering the ever-evolving skills of social media (which we cover here), getting your head around solid marketing strategies that work for your business takes a whole lot of time and effort, and until you really know what you’re doing, it can...

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Free resources for business management, planning and coaching

Running a business requires the wearing of many hats, and for most operators there’s a massive learning curve involved in setting up, growing and successfully tending an enterprise. That means calling in the cavalry every now and then to assist with business fundamentals like planning, structure, staffing and growth strategies. Luckily, there are many experts willing to lend a hand, and here’s a list of those offering free services to assist across a variety of business management fields. Business advice and planning Goals, planning, and growth strategies are the basic tools that allow business to expand, succeed and embrace...

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