A career in construction can be fantastic if it’s something you are passionate about, as it will always be in high demand and there are clear paths for progression so with the right amount of dedication and hard work, the sky’s the limit.

Whether you’re at the very start of your career, or you’re thinking about moving to a different role and want to expand your portfolio, we’re here with three courses that are great to take, they’ll show you’re very interested in self-improvement and it will help you to stay relevant. 

PPE Course

The first course that you should take if you want to learn and add skills to your CV is a PPE course. This course will cover different workplace risks in construction and how those risks can be reduced with the use of PPC, so you know what is required and when. Most people in construction roles who work on site will be wearing a variety of PPC every day and it can be a case of life or death, so this is a key element to keep yourself safe.

It’s also important to show senior management that you can run a team in a safe manner, again an important skill within this industry. If you already work in a construction company they might offer this themselves, so it’s definitely worth a conversation with your manager, or there is online training that is cost-effective, quick and easy, so your schedule isn’t disrupted.

This is a great course that will not only look good on your CV but could save your life one day! 

Asbestos Awareness

Another really important course that can really protect your health in the future is an asbestos awareness course. These are short courses (some of the more simple ones as short as an hour), designed for people who could be at risk of coming into contact with asbestos, which construction workers are at risk of.

It provides information, instruction and training to help you avoid work that could disrupt asbestos, which will be very impressive to employers as if their employees are exposed to it, it could cause them a lot of issues. Again, you can take online courses, or you could ask your company if they offer it if you already work at a construction company. 

CPCS (Construction Plant Competence Scheme)

Last but not least, completing a construction plant competence scheme is a great way to build your skills for the plant sector of construction. This course is more thorough than the one above, as there are multiple different tests including health, safety and environment, theory and a practical test.

It provides a wide range of skills for the construction plant industry and will look fantastic on your CV. The CPSC is the largest and most highly recognised card certification scheme in the plant industry, so is absolutely worth doing. Whether you’re looking to be a plant mechanic somewhere like Chippindale Plant or you want to work in-house for a machinery company, this is a great skill to have, to keep you safe and to improve your knowledge. 

Final Thoughts

These three courses are great ones to complete and add to your CV to level up your career. On the flip side, if you’re a business you should be offering these courses to your staff! It can help with employee retention as it shows you’re helping with their development, plus it helps you to build a strong and knowledgeable team. It can also help with employee onboarding, so definitely worth including development opportunities like this in your job adverts.