With Hollywood action movies showing off ultra-cool safes, many of us are left considering the benefits of such “gadgets”. But it’s not just something secret service agents like James Bond need to store their prized possessions in. And even without the Hollywood act, investing in a commercial safe is a smart option every small business owner should consider.

Every day, we take important measures to ensure our business – and our hard work – stays protected. We create a professional image, maintain high standards and practices, protect and back up our data and make sure we’re insured. After all, if you’re smart enough to start your own business, you’re smart enough to know how devastating it would be to lose it all. Commercial safes, whilst not as awesome looking as what you’d see in a James Bond movie, are a big part of protecting your business; and an essential one at that. If you want to take your small business security a step further, here are the reasons why every owner should invest in a safe:

1. Protects Your Valuables Against Theft and Fire

Theft is a big risk any business owner can face. Whether it’s preventing theft from employees – and unfortunately it does happen, or protection against a break-in, investing in a safe will keep your essentials safe. According to The Sydney Morning Herald, workplace theft cost Australian businesses about $1.5 billion a year. These figures are just based on employees stealing from businesses, and the problem is only growing.

Safes are designed to be open with a combination code or a key to prevent unwanted access to your business valuables. To eliminate this being a security risk, it’s imperative only selected (and limited) people within your small business have access to this information. It’s one thing investing in a high-quality safe, but you want to make sure it has a strong lock mechanism to avoid thieves tampering with it and breaking in. Dial and electronic locks offer good protection or opt for a hybrid lock which combines two locking mechanisms in the one. Safes should be mounted and bolted to the wall or installed somewhere out of sight properly to eliminate thieves being able to take it too.

Make sure your investment has a high-quality protection rating (especially if you’re storing more than $15,000 of cash value inside). Basic security safes are rated up to $5,000 of cash value. Most commercial safes will also protect against fires too. Check the fireproof ratings before purchasing to protect against natural disasters, as many small business owners fail to consider this. Safeguarding against the possibility of a fire provides better peace of mine so look for one that has a fire seal on the door and offers a higher quality build.

2. Can Help Lower Insurance Costs

Small business insurance costs can be expensive. The more security measures you implement within your workplace, the lower your premiums can be. It’s important to discuss with your insurance company how many each security investment will reduce the costs by. Providing the commercial safe is of a high-quality though, most insurers will lower the contents and/or business insurance premiums if one is professionally installed.

3. Prioritises Security

As a business owner, you want to set a good example and encourage a secure environment. Whether you have staff working for you or not, prioritising security is a vital risk management tool we all need to take seriously. Important documents, money, credit cards, gift cards, receipts, and other business valuables can all be stored in the safe, which contributes to a higher security level in your workplace.

Depending on your level of security and what valuables are being stored inside, there is a range of different commercial safes to consider. Wall safes, fire resistant safes and burglar resistant safes are the most common. Smart safes are great for retail businesses that require a safer cash management process or consider investing in a depository safe if it’s just for cash.

4. It’s a Smart Investment

When you take all the benefits of a commercial safe into perspective, it’s easy to see why they’re a smart investment. From reinforced security to defence again robberies, theft and natural disasters like fires, the right safe can end up saving you a lot of money.