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10+ Years of Tips for Managing a Remotely Distributed Team

This year has seen a momentous change in the working lives of many Australians, with the morning commute being replaced with a walk across the hallway. For some this was a welcome change, but for others — especially business owner / operators and managers — it has been nothing short of a baptism of fire.

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Shortlist your tasks

When you add due dates to tasks (or put them in your calendar) you’re mostly just using them as a clumsy ranking system and diluting their effectiveness in the process. Time is, after all, linear. Saying I will work on one task tomorrow and another task the day after that is identical to assigning them a number in a hierarchical list. Except when you’re not.

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How to be inspiring

As leaders, one of our responsibilities is to uplift others. Many of us feel the pressure to be ‘inspiring’. To be the leader others want to follow. To be the leader everyone admires and respects. The impostor syndrome often kicks in at this point. Who am I to be inspiring? What have I done that would merit praise?

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Small Business After Quarantine Lockdown. How to Keep the Lights on

During the lockdown, it was difficult to support local businesses and to adapt, as a business owner, to these challenging times. Unfortunately, nothing will be like before and businesses around the world need to find ways to grow again. Small businesses were the most affected during quarantine, especially because their costs of functioning and operating are high and their resources are limited.

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