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How to ensure your non-compete clauses are enforceable

While not all employment contracts will contain non-compete or confidentiality clauses, those businesses that deal with intellectual property and other sensitive proprietary information may include these clauses in their employment contracts. These clauses are legal if they are crafted properly and protect a legitimate business interest.

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Why You Need to Get More Niche in 2021

Niche marketing strategies are more important than ever in 2021. Rather than appealing to everyone with large, sweeping strategies, you need to get personal. After 2020, customers want connection, and your brand needs to reach out and make that connection with each and every potential customer. This approach is called niche marketing and it really works.

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When it’s all about work, there’s no life and you’re struggling to find balance: do this

You started your business because there was a need in the marketplace, and you were the only one who could fill that need. Before long, the demands of the business take over and you’re faced with a 7-day a week job. The emails, texts and direct messages never stop coming. We live in a 24/7 connected environment and your customers don’t care what time it is when they contact you.

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An Ultimate Guide to Improve Your Business Email Writing

Email writing is an essential skill in the modern business world. Whether you are an entrepreneur, lawyer, sales manager, or freelance web designer, you should be able to create effective emails. Poor email writing skills may negatively affect your career.  If the quality of your business emails is far from perfect, you will experience communication issues with your customers, business partners, and co-workers.

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Do I Really Need a Website? (The Answer is Yes…Here’s Why)

Many business owners, particularly those who own a small business, are reluctant to invest in a quality website for a variety of reasons. Some believe they already have their finger on the pulse of their target market. Others focus all of their attention on their social media presence and don’t want to fund another investment. And many just feel overwhelmed at the thought of creating a professional-looking website and don’t know where to start.

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