Many businesses rely on the business owner being there working in the day to day operations for it to work. For your business to be scalable, it needs to be able to work without relying on you.

MaxMyProfit has developed The Business Exceleration Blueprint after many years of working with business owners, and this has proven to be an effective way to reduce the business relying on you working hard in the business, instead, your time will be shifted from working IN to ON the business, and thus, you will have a business that is more predictable, more profitable and more fun

There are five stages in the Business Exceleration Blueprint, each stage is a ‘building block’ ensuring you and your business are ready for growth.


Building a foundation is the basis for any solid structure. This ensures the structure can stay in place without the need for you to have to continually be there to support it.

The Foundation Stage is about gaining control of your business, managing your cash flow and creating the profitability that will enable you to invest for long term growth. You’ll look at where you and your team are spending your time and adjust to free up time allowing you to work ON your business and maximize productivity.


Once your foundations are set, it’s time to grow your business further and learn how to create predictable cash flow. The growth stage is about maximizing your sales and profits and teaches you how to generate qualified leads, develop a USP and maximise your conversion rate. You will implement strategies to get your customers coming back for more and spending more money with you each time they do.


Now your business has a solid foundation, predictable cash flow and profitability, it is

time to invest in creating systems and utilize technology to streamline your processes.

The Optimise stage is about automating repetitive tasks and turning your business into a well-oiled profit making machine. The main key areas of Optimising are creating efficient systems in your business for the receptive tasks, gaining control of your time in the process and increasing the value of your business.  


In the Transition stage, you will build your leadership and management team, you’ll move from working IN your business to working ON your business.

A successful business will always rely on building a great team, but for you to move away from the day to day operations of your business you will need to build your own leadership team.

Your leadership team should comprise of the most talented people you can attract, as they are there to help drive your business.


Your business no longer relies on you being there, and thus you’re able to focus on new  opportunities.

This is where you only work ON the business if you choose. In other words, if you don’t do anything, your business will still perform profitably and predictably.

Depending on your life plan you may want to just sit back and enjoy the results of your efforts; you may want to channel your money into other investments; you may want to grow your business even further.

This stage is when you become “Chair of the Board”. You are strategically directing the business and with a stream of passive income you now have the time, financial resources and organization to pursue growth strategies, such as:

  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Develop new products and/or services
  • Franchise or License others to use your IP

You now have a business that truly is an investment and you get to be the investor that you originally planned to be.

Working on the Business Exceleration Blueprint is a sure strategy to achieve your goals and dreams and MaxMyProfit is giving you the opportunity to find out more. Ben Fewtrell is travelling around Australia in May and June. His seminar will show you, in detail, how these 5 Stages can help you grow your business. And best of all, they are FREE!

What others are saying:

I attended the fast track business workshop in Brisbane and it was possibly the best thing I have done in my entire life. Ben has a slightly more polished approach in a field that many people are trying to market their capabilities in. The thing that honestly resounded the most though was Bens sincerity and modesty. This was consolidated even more once I had the opportunity to sit downstairs and talk at length with him. Great man and a great day – Chris Saunders

I attended the introduction 2 hour session Ben ran in Melbourne. It was excellent. I have been to many workshops and seminars and attend a business program currently, I recommend having a look at what MMP do and how they do it. Ben has a freshness, is genuine, speaks from the heart backed up with serious evidence based skills and experience – Jasmine Lance

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