Marketing plays an integral role in the growth and success of your business. Although there are numerous ways to market the products or services your business offers, there is one marketing platform that continues to lead the pack. 

A recent study reveals that more than half of advertising expenses in Australia is spent on digital ads, and that number continues to increase. Within that category, search engine ads dominate their digital counterparts accounting for 45% of online ad spending. 

The continuing popularity of search engine ads over the years is not only a testament to their effectiveness but also compelling evidence that almost every type of business will require some form of an online marketing strategy if they hope to remain competitive in the future. 

Here are five key reasons you should be using Google Ads as part of your digital marketing strategy:

Reason #1: More qualified leads

Google Ads puts your website in front of customers immediately, without waiting for natural search results to improve. It also offers your business the ability to target your audience based on their content searches, driving qualified customers to your site.

This effective strategy allows you to capture more qualified and ready-to-buy customers compared to other paid advertising channels. Simply put, Google Ads allows you to focus on people who are already searching for what you have to offer. The people Google sends to you are more likely to become customers, opt in to your email list, request information, or take whatever action you want them to take. 

Millions of people search and click Google ads every day looking for quality products and services. This means it can send your business a huge amount of traffic on a daily basis.

Google prides itself on displaying relevant content and ads whenever people use its search engine or view content that features Google ads. In addition, their search engine algorithms continue to evolve and improve, so they produce the most relevant search results and ads possible, leading consumers straight to your door. 

Reason #2: Flexibility and compatibility

Google Ads has earned its reputation of being an extremely flexible marketing platform. It’s suitable for all kinds and sizes of organisations along with being compatible with a wide range of other marketing platforms and software systems. 

Your campaigns with Google Ads can also be easily customised to focus on specific online users. For instance, you can target people based on their location or the device they’re using. You can also target people on different websites that are owned by Google, such as the Google search engine, YouTube, and other content websites where Google Ads appear.

Another flexible attribute of Google Ads is that it is extremely budget friendly. You can spend as little or as much as you want; there is no minimum spend requirement. For example, you can set daily budgets and limits on the amount you’re willing to spend on clicks for specific keywords.  

Reason #3: A high ROI

Unlike other marketing strategies, you only pay for ads people click on. Optimised campaigns with Google Ads will give you a high return on investment, which is not always the case with other marketing platforms.

Optimising your campaigns will take some time and strategy in order to get a clearer picture of what will give you the best results. However, testing and tracking various ad campaigns through Google Ads will provide you with valuable and transparent information about what your target audience is looking for and clicking on. 

You will then be able to hone in on the campaign that is giving you the highest ROI and focus your efforts and budget in those specific areas while discontinuing a campaign which is costing you money.

Reason #4: Prompt, easy, and real-time reporting

Google Ads provides you with easy-to-understand results and reports of your campaigns promptly after they go live. It’s then easy to analyse the progress of your ad campaigns because its dashboard gives you all the information related to each campaign, such as the ads clicked, keywords entered by website visitors, cost of clicks, and much more. It will even provide recommendations to help boost your campaign’s effectiveness as well as  help point you in the right direction of the content that’s producing the greatest results. 

Another great benefit to Google’s reporting is that the system is as close to being live as possible. Often, there is only a slight lag of a few minutes between what’s happening in real time and what’s being reported. You can even dig in deeper by connecting your Google Ads account with Google Analytics, which gives you access to even more relevant data. This can prove highly effective in enabling you to make informed decisions about your marketing strategy moving forward, as well as future goals for your business overall. 

Reason #5: Strategic insight into your target audience

Wouldn’t it be great if you could understand your target audience better and gain insight into what motivates them to convert from browsing to buying? Google Ads makes this possible by producing information about customer interests, habits, and incentives that business owners in previous generations could only dream about.

For example, you will obtain full access to the keywords they use to find your website, their location, the devices they use, the times and days they search, and other extremely valuable information. You can then use this information to provide better products and services that are more tailored to the needs of your customers. It can also help you refine your marketing efforts, so you’re not wasting money advertising to people who are not interested in what you have to offer.

Google Ads is a highly effective and profitable marketing platform to invest your advertising dollars into. You will start attracting customers who are truly interested in your product, gain helpful insight into areas where you can grow, and build a strong competitive edge within your industry.