Do you own or manage a business with physical premises? Then you’ll know just how labour-intensive it can actually be to manage an office space. From investing in computer technologies, amenities for staff, and security measures for keeping your offices secure, there is a myriad of expenses and considerations that need to be made when putting together an office space.

Your workspace needs to be stocked with resources that support your staff and allow them to perform at their best. But how exactly can you create this optimal work environment?

This helpful article will outline five practical office upgrades to invest in over 2023. Read on to discover what they are and how you can make your office a premium workspace over the rest of this year and beyond.

1. Invest in A CCTV Security System

The first thing you should aim to do when looking to upgrade or revamp your office space in any capacity is to make sure that you have an adequate security system to keep all your new workplace assets well-protected. This isn’t to say that you should install some wireless security cameras or even indoor smart cams and call it a day.

The best path of action is to work with a dedicated security agency, just to ensure that your systems are as secure as possible, and provide exceptional results. When you enlist the services of a local security firm like Eversafe Security, for example, you can ensure that your CCTV security system is expertly installed and even integrated with additional access control systems.

An expert security agency will also be able to configure your system to connect with on-site storage, allowing you to back up historical footage with ease. It is a lot easier to stay on top of your office security when you have access to expert insights.

2. Swap Old Workstations Out For Standing Desks

Now it’s time to look at padding out your office space with tools that your staff are sure to enjoy. Let’s start by outlining the importance of wellness in the workplace.

Did you know that sitting all day can increase the pressure on your spine and compress it? This can lead to stiffness, soreness and discomfort in your back, shoulders and neck. If you’ve ever sat for an extended period, such as on an international flight or long train ride, you’ll recall just how stiff and sore you were at the end of the journey.

That’s where standing desks come into the picture. Swapping out your old, outdated workstations for agile standing desks can allow your staff the option to stand for the whole day or alternate between sitting and standing. This reduces the pressure on their spines and will make them more comfortable and less sore when knock-off time rolls around.

And what about productivity? Well, standing desks have also been proven to boost productivity as well. This is due to a few factors, including improved blood circulation, boosts in energy levels, and less pain throughout the day culminating in fewer distractions and a greater capacity for productivity.

3. Provide A Proper Break Room

If you’ve ever wondered whether staff may be more productive if they stay in the office during their lunch hour, then you’ll be glad to hear that the answer is…potentially. There’s evidence that suggests a work break room can boost productivity, simply by allowing coworkers a space where they can take a break whilst still communicating with one another. This shared space for relaxation can then allow your staff to identify opportunities for collaboration or innovation.

But the benefits of a work break room don’t just stop there. Creating this shared break space may also have positive impacts on your workplace culture, as the opportunity to communicate with fellow staff members across multiple departments can allow employees to develop strong professional relationships.

And you don’t need much at all to put together a proper break room space for your employees to enjoy. You could even start by adding a couch and some other comfy chairs to a little corner of your office. Then just add other lunch-friendly amenities, like an office coffee machine and maybe a few vending machines or a snack bar, packed full with a range of healthy treats. Providing your employees with these amenities can also be an excellent way to show your appreciation every day.

4. Create Brainstorming Spaces

It’s no secret that staff who collaborate often are poised to be more effective than staff in workplaces with segmented departments. It’s like that old saying goes: no one is an island. So naturally, by providing your employees with dedicated spaces for brainstorming and ideation, you’re encouraging innovation and cross-pollination between departments.

And your brainstorming space doesn’t even need to be anything too new-age or highly technical either. It can be as simple as adding a whiteboard or other writing surface that your staff can use to visualise any new ideas or strategies that they’d like to develop together. You can install these collaborative work tools in your office’s conference room or boardroom to boost the functionality of that space.

Or you may even opt to create a brand new space that’s designed purely for brainstorming. This space can be relatively informal for total inclusivity. After all, there’s no putting up barriers for free-wheeling qualities like imagination and innovation.

5. Offer Virtual Conference Rooms

Do you have a hybrid workforce? Many modern workplaces have found that in order to recruit and retain staff post-COVID, they need to offer flexible working arrangements. The hybrid work model allows your team members to work from home at select days during the week.

This isn’t to say that remote workers won’t be able to contribute as much when working from home as they would be able to in the office. In fact, so long as your office is decked out with all the right remote-friendly resources, your hybrid workers can be just as involved in the goings on of the office whether they’re on-site or at home. 

So what are the best resources to invest in to support your hybrid workforce? How about high-quality webcams, speakers, and microphones for each department, as well as communications technologies in shared spaces, like conference rooms? 

Speaking of conference rooms, it’s becoming quintessential for all modern office spaces to maintain meeting rooms that come equipped with video conferencing technology, such as a projector for using Microsoft Teams or Zoom. This way, your remote or hybrid employees can attend meetings without even needing to be in the room. Simply put, virtual conference technologies are an essential office upgrade for all workplaces that offer hybrid working arrangements to their staff.

An Office Upgrade Summary

And there you have it – 5 game-changing office upgrades that are well worth investing in over 2023. From standing desks to CCTV security systems and spaces for collaboration, no modern office is complete without these perks and resources. Implement these upgrades, and you will be sure to have a happy, productive and efficient workforce at your disposal.