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AI and Machine Learning Tips for Marketers in 2024

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning tools present a unique opportunity for marketing teams that are strapped for resources to manage their current or expanding workloads with greater efficiency. Incorporating this advanced technology into the day-to-day operations of a business can prove to be a game-changer, particularly when it comes to idea generation and writing short blocks of content.

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Yahoo and Google Are Changing How Business Emails Work

If you send newsletters for your business, the protocols surrounding verification are changing. Yahoo and Google are introducing new measures that mean for anyone sending 5,000 emails to people combined across Gmail and Yahoo will now need to have an authenticated email domain. Make sure you’re ready to avoid ending up in the spam box!

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Must-Have Collaboration Tools for E-commerce Teams

Any business — no matter the type — can only succeed through teamwork. An e-commerce business is no different. E-commerce businesses in Australia have experienced immense growth and most owners are busier than ever. This article dives into the importance of collaboration in an e-commerce business, discusses tips on how to adapt to this growth through teamwork, and explores collaboration tools that can help businesses achieve this goal.

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Working Smarter: Using Technology to Make Your Small Team Feel Like a Big Team

The world moves fast, and staying productive and meeting deliverables at an increasingly rapid rate is a challenge that every team faces. At Neon Supply, we’ve harnessed technology’s power to streamline our processes, enhance productivity, and deliver exceptional results to our clients. We use a suite of tools to stay on task and expedite our creative processes.

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The HR bots are coming – Balancing efficiency and personal touch

The HR bots are coming, but do employees appreciate automated well-wishes from BirthdayBot and VR interviews? Where is the balance between efficiency and personal touch? With 63% of companies rethinking the role of their HR department in light of the impact of AI, should HR professionals be worried about job losses? We speak to Alex Arundale, Chief People Officer at Advanced to find out.

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How to Navigate The Seven Stages of Data Resilience for SMBs

Most SMBs do not have mature data resilience strategies. New data from Arcserve shows only 23% of small and midsize organisations have adequate strategies to protect their data, with associated goals they can use to track progress. The “seven stages of grief”, the psychological process individuals typically go through when experiencing profound loss or bereavement, can apply to SMBs dealing with data protection issues.

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Tech Disruption: How MBA Programs Adapt to the Changing Business Landscape

The ever-evolving business landscape shaped by tech disruption demands adaptable and forward-thinking leaders.
MBA programs have recognized the need to adapt to these changes, and they have responded in several ways, including incorporating technology-focused curriculum, fostering collaborations with tech companies, nurturing entrepreneurial mindsets, providing experiential learning opportunities, and emphasizing digital leadership.

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