And some simple fixes to help you address it:

If you haven’t looked at or updated your website recently you’re not alone. While it is fun and important to look at social media campaigns and ways of gaining traffic through good content marketing if where you’re driving customer’s too isn’t the best it can possibly be, then you’re most likely wasting your time and your money.

Below are the 5 areas your website may be underperforming in and some quick ideas to help you improve it.

  • It starts by you We-ing everywhere – Basically, you see your website as yours and it comes across. You simply have an online shop window that relentlessly bangs on about how great you are. I. The majority of websites I look at, all say things like “We are the leading provider of widgets.” or “Our product/services are market leading.” Or “We have won awards.” Or  “We have the best people and the best experience.” Or my favourite of all the unsubstantiated and unproven “We are number 1!!”  All of this then leads to a statement like: “That’s why we have the best widgets!” Cool, I’m glad you’re proud of your business, you should be. However, I suspect your customer doesn’t care. In fact, since they have no idea how your product or service will help them, they click-off. So all that hard work getting them to visit your site is lost. So, start with your intended customer and how you can help them. Front and centre.
  • You haven’t done anything since 2007 – Seriously? Is that the last time you had some news? HAve you really not done anything in a decade? I’ve visited many a site and looked at their news or blog section and, well, you gave it a go for a couple of months – and then simply gave up. I’ve seen some news about an award for someone who I’ve then found out via LinkedIn – no longer works for that company!!! Makes me wonder two things: Are still in business anymore? and; Have you really made no progress in 10 years? Think about it 10 years ago most of us had mobile phones,  not smartphones! I’m certain that this isn’t the case so invest some time and at the very least put something up on your website every 2 months.
  • It looks like you don’t want customers to contact you – It’s amazing how many websites don’t have a contact form built in. To be honest, it doesn’t even need to be that fancy, a simple contact me option that opens my email so I can email you directly is all it takes really.  If I can’t find this easily, I’ll go to your competitor, particularly if I can contact them easily.
  • The story keeps changing – Does your website have you having a track record of 8 years on the home page, 10 years on the about us page then 12 in your latest product page? I get it, they were written at different times but it gets very confusing and annoying to your customers. Read over the important things at least once a quarter and keep them updated.
  • No interesting content or material – Your website is the start of any sales process. So if your intended target market doesn’t learn anything new or get anything valuable from visiting your site, they’ll assume you have nothing of value to add. It can be quite simple whatever business you’re in. If I’m browsing for lawn seed – if I find a page with simple steps on how to grow your own lawn, I’ll read that and most likely order your seed. If I’m looking for “IT storage or back-up” services if you give me clear guidance on options on your website, I’m much more likely to click and contact you.

The interesting thing about the last part is that it is the useful content that people search for, rather than the things that appear on your homepage. So even without getting into the confusing world of SEO, you’re starting to become a bit easier to find.

So, have a look at what you have already. See how it stacks up against your competition, and ask yourself what small improvements you can make already.

Don’t buy any bells and whistles until you’ve got these things nailed.

Please save your hard-earned $$$. There’s no point investing in SEO, Google Adwords or any other form of advertising if what you’re driving people to is a shop they don’t want to set foot in. There’s a reason why chains like McDonald’s refresh their restaurant experiences regularly, it’s because to keep people coming back, they have to.

If you’d like help improving your existing website without breaking the bank on buying or developing a brand new one then, by all means, let us at 3ANDME know. Alternatively, I passionately hope that the above has helped you make some simple updates to what you already have in a cost-effective manner.