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Who Owns the Products of AI Content?

The use of artificial intelligence, or AI, is rapidly growing in every area of our lives. AI can be used to help write articles, poems, books, music and design art, including enhancing artwork that is already available. However, when using AI for any of these purposes you must be careful and cognisant of the possible legal obligations, including infringing upon copyrighted material.

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5 Important Reasons Service-Based Businesses Need A Google Business Profile

As the principal of a family law firm in Perth, one of the key areas of my business that needs regular attention is online marketing.

Marketing for service-based businesses can be both challenging and time-consuming.

However, there is one channel that as a business owner, I believe can make a huge impact on brand awareness and lead generation for service-based businesses of all sizes and across all niches, and that’s Google Business profiles.

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Small Business Website Secrets: Turn Clicks into High-Quality Leads

Ever wondered why, even if your small business has a website that’s supposed to bring in customers, it’s still hard to get people to reach out?

To help you overcome this, I have curated a list of some of the best elements that can significantly boost your average click-through rate and increase your small business life expectancy more than the average small business.

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Stay Top-of-Mind by Posting Content Regularly: Tips for SMEs

If you are to succeed as an SME in today’s competitive business world, establishing a strong brand is essential, and your online presence is a critical factor. Consistent communication and posting content regularly can significantly increase your brand’s visibility, and help you to retain clients, and attract new business opportunities. This article provides key reasons why regular content posting is essential for SMEs and offers some tips for developing a successful communication strategy.

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