You’re reading this blog because you want insight, and insight is always at its most powerful when utilised real-time. That’s what you get with Diib– website insight that includes powerful features like their Growth Plan and Benchmarking. 

At its most simple, Diib is an analytics tool that helps you understand what’s going on with your website. It looks at how your site is performing in terms of SEO and gives you strategies for what you could do better to improve performance and in comparison with your competitors, through powerful features like their Growth Plan and Benchmarking. 

Growth Plan gives you a daily digest of goals and alerts for opportunities for growth and revenue. Benchmarking gives you insight into your industry ranking. 

Both features are available (limited) for free, and that’s already plenty of good insight right there. Diib does more: it converts data into dollar values. How much could your website earn by performing better? How much have you already grown? This is exciting stuff to motivate you and your team!

How it works

Diib works as a standalone tool and as a plugin on WordPress. Enter your website, or install it and authenticate it, and you get a dashboard of simple, easy to understand data on what you can do better, how to do it, and where you need any urgent fixes (bad backlinks, Google algorithm updates) to improve how you stack up in your industry. 

Premium features include: 

  • Real-time daily health score
  • Social media monitoring and custom strategy for growth
  • MOZ and SEMRush SEO analysis and strategy 
  • Weekly updates on opportunities and potential issues
  • Up to 30 websites

Your business needs analytics. Get actionable insight from Diib! 

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