Owning a business is a fantastic opportunity. You get to bring your unique concepts to the market and be your own boss. Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs make the mistake of actually being the worst possible boss to themselves. 

Whether due to high personal expectations or a commitment to achieving their goals, some business owners sacrifice their well-being in the belief this is key to success. This is, of course, a recipe for disaster. Taking time to perform regular self-care actions not only keeps you healthy but also directly influences your business. 

We’re going to explore this a little further. How can you balance self-care and business success? What steps can make a holistically positive difference?

Create Solid Boundaries

One of the forms of self-care that can directly contribute to your success is good boundary-setting. This can be particularly difficult for business owners. After all, many pursue entrepreneurism as a passion, which can then easily bleed into their personal life. However, establishing hard limits in a range of areas supports a healthy work-life balance. It also gives you a greater sense of control over your direction.

Some boundaries to set include:

  • Working hours: Working for yourself doesn’t mean you’re always working. Set firm start and end times for your working day. Communicate to colleagues and clients that you’re not available outside these hours except in emergencies. This makes certain that you take essential time to care for yourself and your family. Indeed, you should communicate to family and friends that you’re not to be disturbed during working hours, so you can focus on your company’s growth.
  • Physical space: Creating physical boundaries is a great form of self-care for entrepreneurs. Having a dedicated space to work in establishes a zone where you can concentrate only on your business actions. Importantly, it gives you somewhere you can leave behind at the end of each day and shift into personal mode. If you don’t have business premises and can’t set up a home office, consider subscribing to a coworking space.

It may well be the case that you discover new areas to set boundaries as your business develops. Make certain to regularly assess your needs and examine where you feel there might be areas of unhealthy encroachment from either your business or personal life.

Incorporate Regular Exercise

Regular exercise is vital for your physical and mental wellness. It enables you to manage weight, boosts your immune system, and maintains your energy levels. Not to mention that exercise prompts the brain to release chemicals that lift your mood and effectively manage stress. This makes it a valuable tool for a business owner. Unfortunately, finding time to get to the gym can be challenging when you’re juggling your enterprise and your personal life.

If you work from home, you might consider transforming your garage into your own gym. Some of the key steps for this include:

  • Start by spending a little time decluttering and cleaning. This can be quite cathartic in itself.
  • Make a floor plan so you can establish how much space you’ll need for equipment while also storing essential items, like your car.
  • Alongside investing in relevant exercise equipment, take the time to personalize elements of the space. Incorporate framed motivational quotes and perhaps mount a TV on the wall so you can watch movies as you work out. 

Nevertheless, remember that creating your own gym isn’t effective unless you commit to actually using it. Build periods of exercise into your daily and weekly routine. Take breaks for even just a simple walk around your neighbourhood or a bike ride to a local store. Treat this form of self-care as though it’s as essential as any of your work tasks.

Boost Your Self-Esteem

Many entrepreneurs already recognize the value of self-care in the form of exercise and boundary setting, even if they don’t always apply these well. Yet, one of the most powerful yet overlooked resources is self-esteem. This is too often considered to be akin to vanity. As a result, it’s often further down the pecking order of priorities.

In reality, though, it’s key to your overall mental wellness. Not to mention that improving your self-image can influence your professional opportunities. This isn’t about traditionally beautiful people being offered more work. Rather, when you feel genuinely confident about your appearance and your abilities, this tends to positively influence your performance and attitude. 

Some of the ways you can improve your self-image include:

  • Dressing the part: Wear the clothes that make you feel the most confident, even if nobody but you sees you wearing them. Dress as the type of business leader you want to be. This can influence a boost in your mindset and overall sense of self-worth.
  • Celebrating achievements: Hitting your goals is evidence that you are a capable, committed, and even innovative entrepreneur. Make sure that you reinforce this idea by taking a little time to recognize your achievements. Treat yourself or say out loud that you’ve done something fantastic. It doesn’t even have to be huge goals, either. Celebrate the little daily and weekly accomplishments, too.

Remember, though, that self-esteem requires balance. You should aim for a realistic sense of yourself rather than an over-inflated perspective. This doesn’t just prevent you from coming across as arrogant. It also helps you avoid mental health decline if you don’t perform at the level you expect due to an unrealistic sense of your abilities.