Staying productive and focussed can be difficult, especially for busy entrepreneurs who are constantly under the pump. Being able to manage your energy is one of the best-kept secrets to staying productive. Running several businesses myself, one of them being the marketing education company Basic Bananas, I know that maintaining high energy is vital.

So how can you keep your energy high and stay productive as an entrepreneur?

Here are five strategies to help you not only sustain your energy but also lift you up throughout the day.


Yes, sleep! That’s the easiest one! I am no sleep doctor, but I have read a lot of studies that have proven how important sleep is. Maybe seven hours is perfect for you, maybe you need nine. Try to stick to a routine wherever possible.

Some people find it hard to switch off their brains at night. A good habit is to put your digital tools down at least an hour before bed-time and also dim the lights. Why not read a book, write or reflect on the day. I love the concept of a digital sunrise and sunset. It means that you give your phone its own sunrise and sunset by turning it on an hour or so after you wake up and turning it off an hour before you go to bed.

Getting enough sleep is crucial to feeling productive and no brain fog!


Move more! Make movement a part of your daily routine. You could exercise in the mornings or afternoons. Or you might walk a few extra blocks to your office or do some of your meetings walking instead of sitting in a boardroom. Incorporate movement wherever you possibly can, there are more opportunities to do this than you think.

Avoid being in the same position all day as you will be more likely to hit an energy slump.

At Basic Bananas we have weights that can be used throughout the day to get a quick energy shot. We also have stand up desks and do a daily ten-minute meditation in the afternoon for anyone who wants to join.

So instead of reaching for a sugary treat, why not reach for some weights! Oh and you will sleep better too the more you move!


Food is probably the most important ingredient to maintaining your energy and being productive throughout the day without major slumps and to keep your mind sharp.

I recently asked a nutritionist what her most important tip is when it comes to food and energy. She said I give you two:

  1. Stay away from sugar!
  2. Eat fresh.

Pretty simple, right?

Make time work with you not against you

When it comes to selecting your most productive time of the day, there is no one-size fits all. If you are a morning person, you will be more likely to feel more productive in the mornings. If you are a night owl, you might do your best thinking at night. Adjust your schedule to suit your body clock.

I personally love doing the work that requires me to think in the mornings. I generally don’t book any meetings before lunch so I can focus on the more creative tasks such as writing, strategy and thinking. Find out what works best for you and rearrange your schedule accordingly.


One of my favourite secret weapons to increase my energy is music. Whenever I feel like I need a little bit of an energy boost, I jump up, turn up the music and move for a few minutes. Some of my team have caught on to this magic pill and it’s not rare I walk into a spontaneous dance-off at our headquarters.

I have several playlists on Spotify that support me for different moods. Some help me to focus, some make me want to get up and move. Maybe music will work for you too! A little boogie has never done any harm!

Why not test some or all of the five strategies and watch your energy rise! The more energy you have, the more productive you will be which means more time to play at the end of the day!