I have been in business for over 10 years, and am now over 50 , I feel that I have some insights into what makes a successful business for women, what keeps you sane and what keeps you going!

Here are some quick tips I have learned along the way.

Work in the business

This is such an important tip to hand down to anyone just starting out in business. This goes against the standard saying “don’t work in the business, work on it”.  How is this true and helpful to people just starting out?

When you start a business ,unless you have been blessed by the lotto gods, money is tight. You have to work in the business because you cannot afford not to. You need to do your own bookkeeping, your own marketing, your own reception work, your own cleaning. Besides needing to do all these things yourself due to finances, you need to be across all aspects of your business to understand what your clients do or don’t want ,you need to be in the thick of it.

Stick with it

The first few years of being in business can be daunting. If the business is your passion, why you think you were put on earth, stick with it! Ride the highs and the lows, there will be plenty! Get that motivational book and read it to get you through the day or listen to a great inspirational podcast, the rough patches will pass and there will be light at the end of the tunnel.

Connect with other business women

If you are working in a business by yourself or just starting out with a small team, connecting with other business women is so important. Just talking with other women, “getting out of your head”, is vital , and if all else fails at most networking events you have beautiful food , so at least you will have a nice meal!

Learn how to put yourself out there on socials

As I mentioned I am over 50, and believe me I am not tech savvy! But I have learnt how to use Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn to promote my business. There are so many free courses on the web to help you understand how each platform works. But the best advice is to just start posting, explain what you do ,who you are and put up pretty pictures. Some posts work, others don’t, but at least you are getting yourself out there in the world, where potential customers can see you.

Work/Life Balance

This is not my favourite phrase because truly when you have kids or a partner or pets, trying to “balance” out time for everyone, and your business doesn’t really exist, you just get on with it! Try to do the best you can, without beating yourself up.

Some days you will be dropping the kids to ballet or soccer and will be answering work emails while sitting in the car waiting for them and other days you will be able to make school drop off on time without screaming at the kids to get in the car! It is life, as long as you are getting most of the things done ,that is all you can ask.

Hoping these tips give someone encouragement to keep going in their business. As Dory says in Finding Nemo “just keep swimming” and you will discover freedom and the personal achievement that made you start a business in the first place.