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Expanding Your Daycare Business

Deciding to expand your daycare business is huge.  No matter how successful your current enterprise is, it takes courage and nerves of steel to take that next step. But, as every successful entrepreneur knows (and every unsuccessful one wishes they’d known!), growing a business also takes careful and thorough planning, a close eye on the detail and an unemotional focus on the facts.

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Why You Need to Get More Niche in 2021

Niche marketing strategies are more important than ever in 2021. Rather than appealing to everyone with large, sweeping strategies, you need to get personal. After 2020, customers want connection, and your brand needs to reach out and make that connection with each and every potential customer. This approach is called niche marketing and it really works.

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How to stop the confidence wobbles from derailing your business journey

Before I started my own business, I imagined its trajectory would be linear, in an upwards direction. If pressed to choose a metaphor for my business at that time, I would have chosen a jet. I could imagine my business taxiing down the runway, slowly at first, but gaining speed and momentum, before launching into the air and soaring effortlessly among the clouds. What a pleasant and inaccurate fantasy that was!

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4 key ways to improvise work-life balance as a new business owner

Striking a perfect work-life-balance has been a constant battle for business owners new and old, for generations. Today, as we adjust to the new normal of working from home, the true essence of ‘work-life-balance’ is lost somewhere between 24/7 on all days, but perhaps it is imperative that we make a conscious effort in creating our own barriers before we work ourselves to the bone and burnout.

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