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A Comprehensive Small Business Checklist for EOFY

The end of the financial year is fast approaching, and it can be a busy time for individuals, small & large businesses and SMSFs as they work to ensure their accounting affairs are in order. With some planning and preparation, EOFY doesn’t need to be an exhausting and frustrating time and there are several steps small business owners can take to prepare themselves for EOFY, to assist you in getting the right tax outcomes for you and your business.

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Navigating the Entrepreneurial Waters: Strategies for Sustainable Business Success

This guide distills the essence of entrepreneurship, highlighting the journey from market research to resilience building. It emphasizes embracing digital transformation, nurturing customer and team relationships, and innovating in the face of change. Aimed at guiding business owners toward sustainable success, it celebrates adaptability, vision, and the courage to navigate the entrepreneurial voyage.

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Design Thinking in Brand Strategy: Your Secret Weapon to Winning Hearts and Mind

Imagine you’re crafting a brand strategy, not just any strategy, but one that’s going to catapult your brand into the hearts, minds, and maybe even the fridge magnets of your target audience. How do you do it? With a little secret sauce called design thinking. It’s not just for designers; it’s for anyone looking to solve problems creatively and innovate like a pro.

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5 top tips for attracting the right people to your team

Having the right team is so important for any operation. Having individuals who give a damn, who are keen to learn, who respond well to feedback. Those people who take ownership for their role and free us to focus on growing the business.
Sadly, way too many businesses are settling for people who were never right. People who take your time and sap your energy – who the rest of your team are desperate for you to sort out.
So how do you attract the ‘right’ people to your team? Let’s find out…

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6 Challenges of Starting a New Business

The pursuit of your own business sounds like an attractive idea because it presents an opportunity to become financially independent. In addition, for those who have been working for others, becoming your own boss also encourages action.

Unfortunately, the idea of becoming a business owner is often romanticized. Whether it’s a massive venture or a small business, business owners of both types have to face challenges that get in their way.

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Easy Business start up ideas

OK, so you’re considering starting up a business of your own. That’s great as long as you’re passionate about it, you’ve done your homework and it fills a need. It’s no good doing what everyone else is doing – look for your unique selling point and do the job better than anyone else!
Here are 10 of the most popular small business ideas.

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Starting A Small Business With No Prior Experience

Starting a small business without prior experience can be challenging. However, it’s far from impossible. It’s important to adopt a variety of measures, focusing on your strengths, building new skills and knowledge, using traditional techniques, and supporting your workforce. With some careful planning and consideration, you can give yourself the best chance of success.

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