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How Mutual Teaching Transforms Professional Development

This article introduces “mutual teaching,” a cost-free professional development method where employees teach and learn from each other, transcending traditional mentorship’s hierarchical limitations. Unlike typical programs in today’s companies, mutual teaching involves weekly pairings where each team member both teaches and learns a skill from different colleagues. It fosters a collaborative, open environment and promotes personal connections.

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Managing Workload Without Needing to Say “No” to Your Boss

Many of us have found ourselves in situations where we feel that we cannot say “No.” We learned at a young age that we need to respect authority and do what we are told. When we start working, our boss becomes the main figure of authority. We feel reluctant to say “No”, leading to intense workload and stress. Over time this can escalate into physical, emotional and mental wellbeing concerns. In this article we provide a practical tool to prioritize and manage workload without having to say “No”.

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5 Habits Pulling the Handbrake on Your Happiness: A Must for Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

In the fast-paced business world, entrepreneurs often overlook the impact of everyday habits on their well-being and productivity. Small adjustments in daily routines can lead to significant improvements. Research shows that 76% of small business owners experience adverse health effects from work-related stress, including reduced productivity. Here are the five crucial habits to address: eating, breathing, sleep, movement and hydration.

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Building Momentum Towards Embracing Risks: The Path to Genuine Gladness

Embracing risk can be a daunting journey, but it’s one filled with valuable lessons and rewards. This article explores the steps to build momentum towards being genuinely glad you took that leap of faith. It emphasizes the importance of a clear vision, a supportive network, and learning from failures. Persistence and patience are highlighted as essential virtues on this path to achievement.

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Business Bloopers: Embracing Mistakes on Your Business Journey

The Fear of Messing Up – It’s Real! Today, we’re diving into a topic that plagues both new business owners and seasoned pros – it’s the fear of messing up.

Let’s dive in… we’re going there because let’s face it, we’ve all done it (messed up in some way!).

It’s an unspoken thing among entrepreneurs and business owners, it begs the question… Why do so many fear failure in the first place?

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Mental Resilience Tips

Maintaining good mental health as an entrepreneur is vital. Here are five key tips to help you thrive:

Create and Stick to a Schedule: Establish a structured routine to prevent procrastination and overwork. A well-organized schedule ensures work-life balance, reduces stress, and maintains productivity.

Incorporate Relaxation into Your Day: Integrate relaxation practices like meditation, yoga, or short breaks to manage stress and recharge your energy during work hours.

Nurture Personal C

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From Crisis to Confidence: How I Weathered Life’s Perfect Storm

In a world filled with unexpected twists and challenges, the ability to not only survive but thrive through crises is a skill worth cultivating. This blog post is a guide to navigating life’s storms, drawing from personal experiences that transformed the author’s life in just three months.

Every crisis carries a lesson and an opportunity for growth. Embrace these moments, and you’ll not only survive but emerge from them stronger and wiser.

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Mental Health vs Mental Wealth and how to build unbreakable resilience: The key to lifelong Mental Health and Well-being

The blog post discusses the difference between Mental Health and Mental Wealth. It states that Mental Health refers to emotional and psychological well-being, while Mental Wealth refers to accumulation of psychological resources and strengths.

It then emphasizes that Mental Wealth actually determines Mental Health. It explains that accumulating strengths like resilience, optimism and emotional intelligence through investing in

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The Problem with Labels

You’re so smart! What an athlete you are!! God, you’re gorgeous!

Who among us isn’t aware of ways in which we have been labeled or labeled ourselves? It turns out that this practice, rather than encouraging us to be better, actually undermines our performance.

In this article, I unpack the science of labeling, ways that we can overcome our own limiting labels, and how we should be talking differently to our kids or our employees if we want to encourage better performance.

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Fulfilling Dreams and Ambitions

A 15 yr dream, an 11 year vision, a 9 year plan, 8 years of action, blood, sweat, tears & affirmations. This article is the story behind my ambitions. My business ideas, opportunities and reality were never about ego but driven by heart and soul. At times I felt a little battle scarred and I may have not always ‘won the war’ but I held onto my vision with heart and soul, knowledge and belief of supporting community & doing something I love. I hope to inspire others who may learn my journey

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