DesignCap is an all in one graphic design program, aimed at making stunning designs easily achievable by everyone. PearlMountain, the creators behind DesignCap wanted to provide a program to help everyday people create beautiful designs while saving money and time, and without having to source a Graphic Designer.

DesignCap makes graphic design easy even for those of us lacking creative talent and graphic design skills.

Features & Benefits:

  • Thousands of templates to choose from
  • Many different social media graphic sizes including Facebook Ads, Facebook Post, Instagram Stories and YouTube Channel Art.
  • Create eye catching designs for a range of document types including flyers, posters, cards and menus and many, many more
  • Create stand-out logos in minutes
  • Ease of use – No Graphic Design training needed

Reviewers Experience:

Logging in to DesignCap with an idea in mind of the design I wanted to create was all I needed to get started. Selecting a fully customisable template from the Categories tab was easy and exciting, but I also had the option to select from the Templates tab and search for a specific template I wanted to start with if scrolling through templates in search of the perfect one wasn’t what I wanted.

Starting off by easily deleting the elements of the template I didn’t want to use, I then moved through the design tools, choosing my background and adding in my chosen images from the image library. Navigating around DesignCap is incredibly easy, without any previous experience using the program or experience in graphic design.

In amongst the design tools are a large range of elements, high-quality images as well as smart additions like graphs, charts and diagrams. to select from, and rearranging and customising them all within the template is simple. If you need some help however, there are step-by-step tutorials found within the Support page along with FAQ and a comprehensive Learning Centre for additional learning.

Once I tweaked the template to reflect the design I had in mind, I uploaded and added in my logo as the finishing touch before sending my design directly to my social media accounts, quietly impressed with my creativity and design skills, even though I know it was all the work of DesignCap.

The team at PearlMountain have created a beautiful program that offers so much choice and ease of use when creating graphic designs for the everyday user.

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