Visit most websites and you’ll notice that forms are getting smarter. WordPress offers a spread of options to help you achieve this. However, smaller enterprises don’t always have the monthly resources for services like TypeForm.

Depending on what you’re looking to achieve, make sure to review all the offerings form plugins. You might need surveys, email signups, conversation forms, registration, feedback, and the list continues. In today’s marketplace, it’s not enough to simply have the service. The forms themselves need to have aesthetic appeal and seamlessly layer into the website.

WPForms offers an affordable alternative for businesses looking to utilize conversation forms on their site. This plugin helps you gather information, but with a natural user experience. Your visitors won’t feel like they’re being pried at.

Why WPForms is a great alternative:

Over 1 million websites are using WPForms and the plugin saves you time by helping you to create stunning interactive forms in less than two minutes.

WPForms strives to be user-friendly for both business and the website visitors. No more tedious clicking and scrolling for hours to complete a form.

Here’s an important point to consider when you’re collecting customer information: privacy. People are keenly aware that some companies have got into PR crises because sites are lacking information security.

WPForms is an open-source WordPress license, meaning the data stays on your site. It doesn’t go to a third party.

In addition to security, WPForms is cost-effective. Typeform starts at $30 per month for premium. If you want more features and form options, prices can go up to $59 per month. WPForms has a yearly plan for $199 which grants you unlimited forms, surveys, and conversational forms. This places the monthly price at less than $17.

What else can WP Forms do?

Beyond gathering information seamlessly, WPForms also integrates with other services. Email marketing, order payments, and bookings are now much easier because MailChimp and PayPal can be connected. Finally, these WPForms are highly customizable. You’re never locked into a template. There’s space to add custom CSS, HTML blocks, and dividers. There’s also developer options if you want to dive deeper into customization.

WPForms is a cost-effective way to manage information gathering, payments, email marketing, and more. It’s easy to use and your customer data is safe. Utilizing these tools can help grow your business and streamline what was once tedious. Check out making WPForms a part of your online business.

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