Business isn’t all about putting in the hard yards. Good business is about having the right tools to do the job. For every area of expertise that goes into running a business there are a host of tools available to make daily operations easier. And guess what, sometimes they’re even free.

A few weeks ago we sent out the call to ascertain what resources were readily at hand within the Business Business Business community, and the feedback was astounding. Members offered up a host of free resources that encompass everything from social media, PR and marketing to management and accounting.

Over the coming period, we’ll profile exactly what’s on offer to keep your business running smoothly, while providing you with access to these essential new skills.

As one of the biggest areas that many businesses struggle to keep abreast of, this week we kick off with…

Social media and email marketing

For many business operators social media and online marketing is one of the most challenging areas to come to competent grips with. Partly because the playing field is constantly evolving and also because it can take significant time out of your day.

In many cases, it can also be tricky to ascertain whether the time and effort you’re putting in is reaping results and which strategy is best to to guarantee an effect.

So here’s an insight into the assistance at hand…

Email campaigns

Email marketing experienced a major uptake in 2016, and its usage shows no signs of abating. It allows an enterprise to utilise their customer lists and send direct information or promotions to their valued clientele. And for many it works to great effect depending on the timing of campaigns and the type of message distributed.

A quick statistic: For every dollar spent on email marketing, an average of $44 dollar return on investment is realized. (Source: Campaign Monitor, 2016)

So who’s available to assist?

  • Kelvin Dorsey offers a free ultimate email cheatsheet, featuring “17 email types your subscribers will love to read and buy from”.
  • Pauline Delany provides a step-by-step guide to creating a simple 5-email nurture sequence.


Social media

Social media is constantly evolving, making it critical for business to stay abreast of the latest innovations and trends.

Here are just a couple of statistics that indicate its importance to business courtesy of Aabaco Small Business:

  1. Facebook is the most visited website (of all websites)
  2. Facebook shares have the greatest influence on Google search rankings in the U.S. followed by backlinks.
  3. 53% of people recommend companies and products on Twitter.
  4. The average consumer mentions brands 90 times/week with family, friends and co-workers.
  5. There are 5 million images uploaded to Instagram every day

So who’s available to assist?

  • Facebook ads strategist Bianca McKenzie offers a free Facebook advertising checklist.
  • Online marketing strategist and Light Tree Media Founder Sheryl Jefferson provides a 30+ social media post template.
  • Jody Milward and the Goldilocks Academy have a Facebook Livestream Cheatsheet – The Why and How to use Facebook Live and Video Posts to Increase Reach and Create Engagement While Building Your Facebook Marketing Funnel.


Blogging, whether it’s on your own website or through guest posts, is one of the most effective strategies to create brand awareness, build your website search engine rankings and have customers return to your site time and again. But the art of it is in the quality of content that you create.

So who’s available to assist?

  • Business strategists No to Nos have a free resource 5 Steps to Creating Winning Blog Content.
  • Linda Reed-Enever shares some tips on her YouTube Channel on What to look for when guest posting

The final word

While social media is powerful, it’s not the only weapon in any marketing arsenal. The broader marketing, PR and branding arena also features a number of free resources, which we’ll profile in the coming weeks, along with accounting resources, business planning tools and so much more.