What?! I hear you say. The math doesn’t add up! Are you saying that you sold less than 1,000 books and made a million dollars? Were they $1,000 each? Surely not.

No. The books I sold were $29.97 and you’re right. The math does not stack up. Let me explain.

Two men shaking hands in front of a car.

Firstly, I’m a coach and brain-trainer. People who come to me are smart enough to know that their brain is stopping them from achieving their highest potential. They need some brain untraining. So I get to work with some clever people and if there is one thing that I have learned in over 21 years of coaching clever people is this.

Anything that works is a system.

Most authors write their books hoping to get onto the best-seller lists. With doe-eyed looks, they hope to become wildly famous and buy their first Ferrari. The truth? A mere few ever make it that far.

Each year over one million new books are released onto the market. These rest with the multi-millions of books that are already on the bookshelves. So why compete with the masses for a narrow margin of success? It’s outright dumb.

Me? I like to zig while everyone else zags.

Instead of aiming to write a best-seller, I wrote a business card that people ended up flocking to. That’s right. It looked like a book and even read like a book. I put my most life-transforming strategies in it and they worked. People read my book and their lives turn around. It was more of a credibility statement of my clever coaching and strategies that turned into my best-ever business card. People from all over the world contacted me after reading it.

I never intended for my first book to be a best-seller but it got there. That was never my intention. I wanted to write a book that when people read it, they said, “I’ve got to work with this guy!” Thousands did.

It pays to plan, it’s foolish to compete.

My first book was the perfect first step into a course that I designed to complement the book. My course delivered the full promise of the book. People paid thousands for that course. To be precise $2997. Now do the math.

You’re right. I didn’t make $1 million. I made many millions! I still do!

Sure. It takes more planning and strategy to write a book like mine. Like any great architectural structure, a book should follow a blueprint. This ensures that your foundation can hold the largest visions. Every author should have a blueprint. It pays to plan, it’s foolish to compete.

Writing a book like mine requires you to follow three simple steps. Though I’ll say that while they’re simple, they’re not easy. While the formula is clear, some creativity and courage is necessary.

Step one is to ask yourself a powerful question. That question?

What is the biggest problem I can solve?

What is a big problem you can solve? I can untrain anyone’s brain of any problem they may have. What can you do? I would start there.

The next step is to put your solution into bite-sized steps. Steps that anyone can do and then sequence them. Put them in order. These will form your chapters.

The final step is to invest at least half a day in coming up with an enticing four-word title. Yes, most of the great books have four-word titles. Catcher In The Rye, To Kill A Mockingbird, and Who Moved My Cheese are but a few.

Now it’s time to find your publisher or you might like to self-publish. It’s up to you.