All Jobs Are Not Equal  Ever thought of the job of a 911 operator? The pressure a person working in that role faces is depicted well in the Halle Berry starrer The Call. The stress that such employees encounter almost all the time they are taking calls is tremendous.

Then, some people have seemingly stress-free jobs. However, even a low-stress job has its stressful moments. Whether you have a high-stress or not, there is always some level of stress, and you need to know how to deal with it. If you look at different job types on various rungs of the corporate ladder, you will notice one thing. The higher the level of responsibility, the higher the stress is that comes with the designation.

Hence, most middle and top management executives end up perpetually working in a “pressure cooker” environment. How do they manage to get by from one day to the next? Here, we provide you with a few tips that we took from managers who somehow manage to stay happy and cheerful, despite the high-stress environment that they work in.

Simple Steps to Remain Calm While Under Stress

Research reveals that the number of Americans who experience stress at work is high, and the numbers are increasing day by day. Figures released by the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health indicate that the percentage of highly-stressed individuals in the U.S. is between 29% and 40%.

Prolonged exposure to stress can result in some severe health complications, both mentally and physically. Experiencing stress through our jobs has become an everyday experience. Hence, although prevention is better than cure, avoiding a stressful job becomes a challenge. The second-best option then would be to take the proverbial bull by its horns. Although you work in a stressful environment, there are quite a few ways that you can overcome the effects of stress at work. Here are some of them:

A Bit of Planning and Organization Goes a Long Way

Some people are naturally disorganized. If you are such a person, now is the time to turn a new leaf. Making a plan and sticking to it and keeping things organized will save you a fantastic amount of time and energy. Once you get things running smoothly, you will automatically become a calmer, healthier and happier person.

Start on the right foot every day

You likely enter the office already stressed out on many days. Dashing through the house getting kids ready for school with last-minute arrangements for meals, dropping off the little one at daycare and what have you. Be a bit organized so that you can get out of the house unscathed! Once you reach the office, you will be in a calmer frame of mind to face whatever crises await you there.

The Art of Being Comfortable

Work is not only about keeping your mind in order. You need to be physically comfortable, as well. If, for instance, you have an uncomfortable chair, it can get to you over time. If you spend most of your time at your desk, your chair needs to be comfortable, to avoid backache, neck pain and other physical complications. You would also do well to ensure that you are free from noise and distractions. If you find that the people around you are noisy and bothersome, change your desk to a more peaceful location.

Get Clear Job Objectives

If you are unsure of what you need to do in your job, then you will work blindly, which can lead to catastrophic consequences. Get a confirmation from your superiors about your job objectives. Do not be afraid to ask for clarifications. If you know what it is that you need to do and are aware of how to get the job done, the entire situation becomes less stressful.

Avoid Conflict

The conflict between employees is always counter-productive. It creates antagonism and negative energy. To avoid such stressful situations, keep clear from controversial people as much as possible. Do not engage in idle gossip and avoid discussions on religion and politics. Keep your personal opinions to yourself and focus purely on matters of company interest at all times.

A Post-Lunch Walk

Never get into the habit of eating at your desk. Even if you don’t work after hours, you are at your desk for eight solid hours. This factor is one of the significant contributions to a sedentary lifestyle and which leads to all sorts of health complications. Since you will anyway be allocating time to eat, you may as well add on a few more minutes and take a post-lunch walk. You will get away from the stifling office atmosphere and get to breathe in some fresh air. This step can give you a great feeling of well-being.

The Power of Music

If it’s allowed, listen to a bit of music in between tasks at the office. You should definitely listen to some while driving to and from work. Listening to music has a relaxing effect, and you will be more amenable to people around you once you are in a better frame of mind, devoid of stress.

Multitasking is Underrated

Most people take pride in their ability to multitask. However, recent studies have revealed that multitasking harms efficiency. Although it is not always avoidable, you can reduce multitasking to a minimum.

No One is Perfect

You may be a high achiever. Everyone likes to excel at work. However, if you take this to the extreme, you are likely to rub people around you the wrong way. It is better to strive to do your best and force yourself to leave the rest. This attitude will reduce your stress levels and those of the people around you as well.

The Power to Be Happy Amid Pressure Comes from Within

Happiness is a state of mind. You can induce that feeling by following the best practices that we have mentioned here. Even if you work in a “pressure cooker” atmosphere, you can be a happier person if you want to. Just follow these tips and bid farewell to your stress and become more productive!