Creating content for your audience doesn’t need to feel like it’s a burden. Ditch the overwhelming feeling of having to be constantly ‘in the creation zone’ by switching your mindset to creating purposeful content.

Purposeful content is content that not only comes from the heart, but serves a purpose in delivering your ideal client exactly what they need at exactly the right point in time. This results in a win-win situation as your ideal client feels loved and supported and you (hopefully) end up with a sale!

So, get rid of any notion that there is a magic formula to content creation that can help you ‘beat the algorithm’, get more likes or increase your reach. Instead, focus on the following three things which will help you create content that resonates more with your audience.

Know your ideal client

I mean really get to know them. As a start, use Google Analytics or your social media insights to determine their age, sex, education and location. But your ideal client avatar should go deeper than this.

Think about their buying behaviour, their psyche and personality. Ask yourself questions like:

  • Are they a dreamer or a details person?
  • What do they love to do in their spare time?
  • What gets them cranky?
  • How do they like to learn about new things?
  • How much do they already know about you and your business?
  • Where do they hang out online?
  • What problem are they trying to solve?
  • What are they scared of?
  • What triggers them to purchase?
  • What stops them from purchasing?

By asking yourself these questions (and writing down the answers!) you will gain valuable insights into their motivators and influencers. This will then mean that everything you create will resonate with your audience as they will feel as if you truly understand them.

Know your client journey

Once you know how your client thinks and reacts, you can apply this knowledge to your client journey. Creating content for your ideal client isn’t just about knowing them, it’s also about helping them come on the journey with you from your first connection through to conversion and on to having them as loyal clients.

Think about what your client is thinking, feeling and doing at each of the following five stages of the client journey and create content that addresses where they are, delivered in a way that they prefer.

  1. Connect – This is the first time that your ideal client sees or hears of you. Your social media and website should address their level of knowledge of your business and start to introduce the problems that you solve.
  2. Build – Your ideal client sees your lead magnet and subscribes to your email list. Use email marketing to start to build a relationship with them.
  3. Nurture – You are continuing the conversation with your ideal client and showing them ways in which you can work together. Email marketing, longer form blogs and videos are great content tools to use here.
  4. Convert – Your ideal client becomes your client! Your job is to help them make a confident and informed decision to purchase. Use testimonials on social media and in email automations as well as free trials or discovery calls.
  5. Onboard – Making the process of becoming your client easy and memorable. Help them to feel good about their decision to purchase from you. Make their experience one that they want to tell the world about! Use templates, automated emails and special VIP content.

Know yourself

Most importantly, the best way to create content that truly resonates with your audience is to know exactly what your brand is . . . and isn’t.

Your audience will quickly and easily pick up when you’re not being your fabulous, genuine self! In a crowded marketplace, you’re the point of difference. Nobody can serve like you, speak like you or care like you. I have plenty of competition in the content creation space, but it’s my connected approach to the client journey that serves as my point of difference. And that can only come from me.

So, know who you are and what you stand for and let that shine in your content. Your audience will pick up on this genuine approach and warm to you. And if they don’t, then they’re not your ideal client anyway!

Content creation doesn’t need to be hard work. It also doesn’t need to follow a defined formula or rigid structure. By thinking about how you can make it purposeful you will no longer waste time on creating content that doesn’t resonate with your audience.

All you need is to understand who you serve, how your relationship develops and be true to yourself. That’s it.