Using bulk SMS mobile networking software, we can send bulk messages through different platforms according to our requirements. Users can connect with various customers at once. Bulk SMS mobile marketing application provides the user a well understandable graphical user interface to make easy use of the application.

Users can use our various software products to send bulk SMS like – Bulk SMS Mobile Marketing – Professional, Bulk SMS mobile marketing – GSM, Bulk SMS mobile marketing – Android, Bulk SMS mobile marketing – Blackberry, Bulk SMS mobile marketing – Multi USB Modems, Bulk SMS mobile marketing – Multi Mobile.

The software allows users to efficiently transmit product details to targeted clients and customers including festival offers, discounts, given services, schemes and other business information. The software has a delayed delivery option which helps control and customise the load of SMS broadcasting. User Select the Delayed Delivery Options and specify the Number of SMS and Time interval to delay or pause SMS delivery at a given time interval.

Users can download the bulk SMS mobile marketing software from the official website and use the application by following the steps given below:

Consider These Steps to download and use the software:

Step 1: Go to the official website to reach and download the software.

Step 2: After downloading the software, Wizard shows connected device information (such as device, manufacturer, model number etc.)

Step 3: Click on the “Use the selected device to send SMS” button for sending SMS.

Step 4: You can select “Delayed delivery”, “Use Exclusion Rules”, “Save sent items” and other options as per your requirements.

Step 5: Click the “Send” button to send the SMS or messages.

Why Use Bulk SMS Sender:

  • To send multiple SMS at once.
  • To save time we can use bulk SMS software.
  • It can easily promote one’s business and organization.
  • Performs nationally and internationally.
  • It can be used on various digital platforms like Android phones, Blackberry, GSM mobile communication etc.