If there is one huge lesson I’ve learnt lately about successfully running a business – it’s the importance of taking and MAKING the time to have FUN!

It might seem a little strange to promote ‘fun’ as a business strategy.

Yet I can assure you – it’s crucial!

You see us business owners or entrepreneurs are great at working hard. We have a seemingly never-ending thirst for conquering new skills, implementing new ideas and serving our clients and customers.

The problem is – we often get trapped in the daily grind.

And running a business (as we all know) can be stressful! It’s overwhelming when we’re wearing all the hats and doing all the things.

Not to mention the huge sense of responsibility resting on our shoulders – to generate an income, to support ourselves and our families.

Therefore, it is really easy to fall into the trap of neglecting ourselves, our health and well-being, and just work, work, work.

Today I want to remind you though – that burning yourself out will not serve you or your business well.

In fact – often it’s when we stop thinking about things so hard, that our biggest ideas begin popping into our minds.

We can stare at a computer screen, locked away in an office, for weeks pondering the solution to a problem.

Or simply trying to figure out what our next step should be.

However, a fresh perspective should never be underestimated.

And taking some time to go out and have a little bit of fun – isn’t going to make your business or life fall apart.

In fact – it will make you feel great! It will generate more strength and resilience.

Indulging in a little fun not only makes you happier, but it helps to clear your mind and gets your creative juices flowing.

You can also use this ‘leisure time’ to push your own boundaries and step outside your comfort zone, whilst you’re having fun. Because a boost n confidence in your personal life will most certainly rub off on how you approach and manage your business too.

Because the success of any business relies on its’ founder’s ability to drive innovation.

And the more experiences you have in life – the more fun you seek – the more ideas you’ll start to have.

My husband and I proved this theory a few weeks ago.

We too had fallen into the ‘too much work, not enough play’ trap. And our bodies and minds – and the moods of our two young children – had started to suffer.

So amidst the business chaos, we took an entire day off and took the kids to the beach. Such a simple pleasure – yet such a profound impact for our family.

Watching the kids happily splashing around in rock pools and making sandcastles. Eating ice cream, bush walking and exploring different areas. Sitting on the sand reading a book. Playing madly with our children at the playground.

Reminding us of what life is REALLY about – regardless of any daily business struggles.

Our kids still haven’t stopped talking about all the fun that they had. And we returned the next day to our businesses refreshed and ready.

Ready to conquer the world again – and with a new-found motto to ensure our continued success and well-being…

More Fun = Happy Business Owner = More Ideas = Greater Business Success!

So if you’re struggling or simply ‘stuck’ or overwhelmed by your ‘to-do’ list, a problem, or if you simply need a new idea.

Step away from the keyboard and the screens. Close the door to your office.

And find something FUN to do.

Maybe your version of fun is simply relaxing on a beach or by a river.

Or maybe you’re feeling so stale that you need to break free and shake things up a little – by trying an activity you’ve never done before.

Indulge. Look after yourself. Stretch your comfort zones. Be different.

Take it as an experiment and measure your results.

You might be surprised by what you see.