If you have no design background, it’s normal to think that you need to hire a graphic designer or a marketing team member with a design background. However there are a range of programs out there where you can create presentations, infographics, documents, videos and graphics with little design experience – and they will still look great.

Visme is one of those products – it is simply a design tool and software that you can use no matter your graphic design skills.

How Does Visme Work?

If you don’t have your own templates, Visme has an extensive range that you can customise to create your own content. These templates are flexible  and can be used to suit any brand.

With an intuitive editor, you have full control over your content. You can drag and drop, as well as customise a range of icons, graphics, illustrations and charts to suit your needs, ensuring you get the information you need out to your customers.

One of the hardest things that many businesses face is getting information across in an understandable way. There are many charts and graphs that can help you get this information out there, but they can be pretty complicated (particularly if you aren’t savvy on creating graphs and charts). Visme gives you access to over 50 templated charts, maps and graphs that help you get your data across in an easy to understand manner.

Once your content is ready to go, you can easily share and present it online, privately or download allowing your team, your customers or anyone to access.

Affordable Graphic Design Software

Visme is affordable for all business levels, from the freelancer creating graphics for a client through to large businesses wanting to take their chart and graph creation in-house. With a free option giving you a taste of what Visme has to offer, this data presentation tool will have you creating some great visual content without the need for a graphic designer.

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