There are numerous factors that greatly contribute to the productivity of your staff. Without a developed company culture, brand purpose and personality, market positioning and an employee value proposition, a company can face significant obstacles on its way to success.
Another major element that plays a pivotal role in employee motivation, productivity and retention is office décor. The modern world has successfully transitioned from a mundane, unimaginative office environment to a more creative and dynamic setting, aimed at motivating the employees to feel like they are a part of a corporate family, provided with everything they need to make their work as productive and enjoyable as possible. With employee satisfaction comes a lower turnover rate and increased productivity that leads to success and a positive ROI.

Here are the best ways you can motivate your staff by using contemporary design solutions.

Declutter for productivity

Before you set out to reinvent the style and flair of your office, you need to tend to the basics first. Clutter is the number one killer of productivity, and your employees cannot reach their full potential or feel motivated to achieve better results if they are suffocating in chaos.
Every workstation needs to be free of needless distractions, yet rich in motivational elements and personal belongings that motivate each of your employees for top productivity.
There needs to be a balance between work and play, and your number one focus should be to neatly file and organize all of your work and to instruct your staff to organize their workstations as well, including their personal computers.

Dedicated silent zones

Speaking of workstations, every member of your staff deserves their own quiet area where they can concentrate solely on the task at hand. Although it would be ideal to invest in individual offices, that might not be realistic depending on the size of your staff.
Fortunately, there are creative solutions that allow your employees to concentrate. You simply need to tap into the source that allows them to focus. A dedicated silent area such as a common office where complete silence is imperative is an excellent solution to allow your staff members to escape the hectic office environment.

Use light to your advantage

When designing an office, you need to plan your layout according to the movement of natural light during the day, in order to allow as much sunlight as possible in your office. This will allow for maximum productivity and positivity, as your staff will feel motivated to work under natural, rather than artificial light.

However, given the fact that late working hours are inevitable in the modern world, a contemporary office design in Sydney should also boast quality artificial lighting that is soft and casts a warm glow that mimics the setting sun. Be sure to avoid using fluorescent or traditional incandescent lights; rather opt for artificial lighting that promotes positivity, focus and productivity.

Shared spaces

Shared office spaces are essential in any modern working environment. They provide some much-needed rest and relaxation for your staff and act as a perfect place where work and play can meet to create innovative ideas and ground-breaking solutions.
Shared spaces should serve a double purpose as a place where employees can rest, have lunch, mingle and socialize, play and discuss work in a relaxed, serene environment free of stress or workplace pressure. Be sure to enrich the setting with a video game station or a pool table, a small kitchen and unconventional furniture to break the monotony such as bean bag chairs or bar stools.

Natural elements

Introducing natural elements into your office décor is imperative in creating a stress-free, productive environment. An office devoid of natural elements can quickly become stale and affect productivity in the long run.
The best solution is to fill every room with colourful flowers as well as various greenery to promote health and positivity. Potted plants, such as a Dracaena, an English Ivy or a Peace Lily placed strategically in and around the workplace are excellent in achieving these goals.
Finally, you should always strive to achieve a balance with your elements, so try to decrease the futuristic ambiance of the office by introducing wooden tables, countertops, conference tables and chairs to inspire a more intimate setting.

Vibrant colours

Finally, you need to be meticulous with the use of colours around the office. The right colour pattern can mean the difference between productivity and an idle working environment, so it’s best to stick to the tried and tested methods: introduce warm solid base colours complemented with accentuating hues to break the monotony.
Choose one of the primary psychological colours as your base (red, blue, yellow, and green) and use the rest as accentuating features for the tables and chairs, shelves, cabinets, folders, window and door frames, etc. Using colours strategically will have a tremendous effect on the productivity of your staff.

Contemporary office design plays a key role in inspiring your employees to dream big and achieve more for themselves as well as the company they work for. By following these essential guidelines, you can easily create a productive working environment that will pave the road to long-term success.