Less work more sales is the Salesflare moto and it is true. The average salesperson spends so much time on admin. and with Salesflare that admin is automated and taken care of for you.

How much more would you and your teams sell if you could sell rather than have to dedicate a good chunk of time every week entering data, so you won’t miss this followup or that meeting, or to pass along information to another team? 

Opportunities, seamless teamwork, and integration

Salesflare CRM organises your data and gives you data to act on opportunities with your target customers (did they tweet about something related to your service?), so you can pitch to the right person at just the right moment. 

Internal communication is integral to external communications with clients – and Salesflare also takes care of that, gathering your entire team or organisation in one collaborative space. Instead of forwards, tags, and ticket assignments, the whole team can depend on a central source of information and easily follow the customer conversations they’re in. 

Speaking of centralised, Salesflare CRM integrates with your existing tools, whether you use Gmail, Mailchimp, Slack, Zapier, or any other CRM, ERP and customer-related systems. Salesflare can take your existing data and start automating and streamlining the kinks in your workflow. 

More efficiency means happier customers and more growth. It’s a win-win. Start your free trial with Salesflare CRM today. 

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