As business owners we spend so much time creating video content and audio content that it can be very easy to forget to repurpose it. And this is where the Business Tool comes in. allows you to make a Bigger Impact with your Podcasts, Livestreams, and Videos by giving you a channel where you can automatically publish your Podcasts and Facebook Lives to major media platforms and grow your audience faster.

Repurpose Your Content Your Way:

  • Convert Audio Podcasts to Videos and Publish to YouTube and Facebook
  • Upload Facebook Live Videos To YouTube
  • Push your Audio Podcast to SoundCloud
  • Convert Facebook Lives to an Audio Podcast on iTunes
  • Upload Facebook Live Videos to Other Facebook Groups or Pages
  • Backup Audios and Videos to Google Drive and Dropbox
  • And More …

How it Works:

Step 1 – Connect Your Accounts

In under a minute, you can securely connect all your accounts including your Facebook, YouTube, Podcast Feed, and SoundCloud without having to provide your password.

Step 2 – Create Your Workflows

Take control of where you want your media to go.  Create an unlimited number of workflows where you decide which platform you want to publish from, what format (audio or video), and where you want to send that media to.

Step 3 – Turn ON Auto Publish

Set it and forget it.  Sit back and watch your audience grow as the fully automated system uploads all your media to multiple platforms automatically.

Step 4 – Set Manual Approval if you don’t want to be automati

If you don’t want to turn on Auto Publish you can come and manually review your content.

Watch how easy it is to share a Facebook Live:

You can start repurposing with with a 14-day trial. Why not give it a go and let us know how it works for your business?

Repurpose Your Video and Podcasts

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