As a business owner, your business is your most important asset. Even with the highest-level insurance, burglaries can still cause excessive damage and put you out of business for weeks if not months. This huge loss of income greatly affects a business which can often be felt for years to come.

Most owners know the best defence is to be well prepared for the eventuality that a burglary occurs. So how can you keep your business safe from burglary? Here are some simple tips that will add a great wall of defence to your business.

Set Up a Master Keys System

One of the best ways to assure your premise is secure is by installing a restricted master key system. Experienced commercial locksmiths can install the master key system (click to see example diagram) to ensure staff have access to their own departments while giving the managing director access to all departments.

This added security ensures that if a staff member loses their key, the risks of damage from burglaries is far reduced. By reducing the access of keys, burglars will only be able to access a small area of the business rather than having access to the whole premises.

Set Up Alarms And CCTV

Burglar alarms are one of the most obvious ways to protect your premises from burglary. There are a few different types of alarm systems to choose from, each having their own benefits.

One of the most effective alarm systems is the silent alarm that notifies the owner and local authorities. The burglar will continue working on breaking in while local police are on their way to catch the culprit. Loud sound alarms are also good as they alert the whole neighbourhood and the culprit, hoping to make them reconsider what they are doing and scare them off.

Every business has a few key blind spots or vulnerable areas throughout the premises. Be sure to set up reliable CCTV systems to monitor these areas. Keep cameras focused on areas that you believe would be the most likely break in point, and on rooms or locations that contain valuables within the premises. Queensland Police give some great information on master key system.

Keep Vulnerable Areas Well Lit at Night

Intruders hate being in the spotlight. Well-lit areas are often a big deterrent for people attempting to break into a building. Have lights set up on vulnerable areas with break resistant casings. Both perimeter lighting and interior lighting will make it harder for burglars to go unseen when attempting to break in.

Install Security Windows

One of the most obvious places people attempt to break in is through windows. Windows are often quite easy to smash with items you can easily find on the street. They allow for easy access and quick entry with limited effort. One of the best ways to protect yourself from window break ins is by installing security screens and window film.

Installing security window film is a great cost effective way to protect your windows from becoming an entry when criminals try to break in while not affecting the aesthetics of your premises. Consider installing strong security screens in vulnerable areas as well to deter burglars.

Protect Valuables in A Safe

If someone does make it into your premises, it is likely they will go straight for your most valuable items. The best way to assure they don’t get their hands on them is by installing a high-quality safe. Always keep your valuables and important documents in the safe, and never share the lock details with your staff. Speak to your local locksmith expert about which safe is right for your needs.

Be Alert!

No matter how good your security system is and the various safety measures you put in place, human error could be your downfall. All it takes is a slight lapse in judgement, an employee forgetting to activate an alarm or even just someone misplacing their keys.

Have regular security meetings and go over all security protocols. Change your security and pass codes as often as possible and stay alert to potential pit falls in your security systems.