Do you have a YouTube channel for your business? Have you even thought about being on YouTube as one of your marketing strategies? Or do you think it’s just for cat videos or silly stuff?

You may be surprised to find out it is so much more than that!

We know that video is currently the king of content. And it has been for a while.


Back in 2017 we shared five reasons to use video in your marketing. Those five reasons are still valid. And they are good reasons to have a YouTube channel for your business. 

Data, data, data

According to Social Media News, as at the end of April 2020 there were 15 million unique Australian visitors per month (that’s per month) on YouTube. That’s only 1 million less than Facebook users in Australia. (Coming up third, with 9 million users is Instagram.)

And globally, YouTube is the 2nd most used social platform with 2 billion (yes billion) users as at January 2020*. Facebook has approx. 2.4 billion. 

So, with all those people active on YouTube, chances are your target market is active on YouTube. And that is another strong reason for your business to have a presence there.

Final stats! 

Not only are people on YouTube for social media, it is the internet’s second largest search engine, . And that means having a YouTube channel will help your SEO.

If you didn’t know, YouTube is a subsidiary of Google. And Google is the number one search engine. Another reason having your own business channel on YouTube will help your SEO.

So, there you go. There are some really, really good reasons that you should be setting up a YouTube Channel for your business.

Setting up your YouTube Channel

Rather than reinventing the wheel, if you don’t have a YouTube channel set up, we recommend heading over to Google Support. There are easy instructions to follow on creating a new channel.

Your YouTube brand

Your YouTube channel is an extension of your business and your brand.

So, you should treat it the same way as your other social media and marketing activities.

Consistency is key. So, here are some branding tips for your YouTube:

  • Make sure your channel name correct and consistent with your other social media sites and overall branding.
  • Google recommends uploading an 800 x 800 px square or round image for your channel icon. This is like your Facebook or Instagram profile picture. For your business channel, we recommend using a company logo or, if you are a public figure, a professional headshot.
  • Your channel description should include information on your company and explain what type of video content you will be sharing. This is where your SEO needs to come into consideration because search engines look at your description. Try to include relevant keywords in your channel description.
  • Don’t forget to link to all your other social media accounts and websites from your About section of your channel. This makes it easy for subscribers to connect with you elsewhere.

More than cat videos

YouTube is not just a home for funny cat videos anymore.

YouTube is a serious, 🤓, marketing platform that provides your business with opportunities to connect with your target market in a visual and engaging way.

Think of YouTube as a place you can share instructional videos, tell your business story, provide regular updates, tips, and more.

Your YouTube marketing success depends on understanding what you want it to achieve. And that means, like every marketing activity, having a strategy.

Look at how you can incorporate video and YouTube into your marketing strategy.

  • What goals are you trying to achieve?
  • How will YouTube marketing align to your business?
  • And how will you plan, create and deliver your YouTube marketing.

When you have your strategy worked out, create content that shares provides your target market with value. And then share your content across your other marketing platforms: social media, email, your newsletters, website etc.

So, what are you waiting for?

Go forth and set up your YouTube Channel. Develop your strategy and get creating!