Steve Jobs, in his commencement address “You’ve got to find what you love”, explores the most important things to guide an individual’s life. He talks about discovering what you want in your life as a person, following your heart and doing what you love best. The author emphasizes on believing in oneself.

The text by Steve Jobs relates to my life experiences since it describes things that I sometimes have and experience in life. As the author explains, “we had just released our finest creations … then I received a termination from my job. What had been the focus of my life was gone … and so I decided to start over”. Such scenarios sometimes happen in my life. It seems that you reach a point in life when everything seems to stop. This is a point when all doors and openings seem closed. At such times, I feel very devastated and discouraged. However, I do not lose faith in what I love. I try to forget current troubles and start over afresh. In most of the occasions, it brings me success.

There are several instances where the personal belief essay agrees with what I believe about the world. The author says, “…you have to trust that the dots will somewhat connect in future”. I believe that life comprises of different components and processes that connect to each other. You may experience something in life. It may be a good or a bad experience. However, in a few years, you may find that it connects with your future. This is because everything in life happens for a reason. Every situation in life happens to create space for something good to happen. I agree with the author when he emphasizes on the importance of having faith in oneself, “…Don’t lose faith”. As a person, you have to believe in something. It is by faith that we can live properly in this world. Every person must have faith and believe in him- or herself. It is good that the Steve Jobs discusses his family life, especially his wife. I care so much about the family and give it a great significance. Building strong family relationship is also important to a person’s success. As for the issues regarding family, I think the text is successful in tackling questions important to me as a person.

I learned a lot from the text. Firstly, it is important to follow your heart in every situation and moment in life. Initially I believed that a person should make decisions in life depending on the context and situations at hand. However, the text by Steve Jobs makes me to believe that it is important to follow one’s heart especially in making important decisions in life. However, I disagree with the fact that the author is trying to justify his dropping out of school. Every person has a fate determining individual successes. The fact that Steve Jobs had dropped out of college and reached success in his life does not mean that the same would happen to every person. Every person’s life follows its own course and unique route.

In addition to having a strong message especially to upcoming youth, the article by Steve Jobs is a piece of art. The author uses personal examples to affect audience’s emotions. Some of such examples say, “…I was lucky I found what I loved to do early in life…” and “…I still loved what I did…”. By using examples from his own life, the author makes his communication with the audience real. This improves the ability of the audience to synthesize the author’s message.

In conclusion, I agree with the fact that this piece of work is a life-changing article. It makes me to believe in myself. If Steve Jobs’ life depends on faith, I can also change my life by believing in what I love. I recommend this piece of work to young people who are still struggling to identify what they love and are still seeking what to do in life.