The digital age is dominated by likes, re-shares, and virtual interactions that are designed to bolster reach and boost engagement. These virtual exchanges usually come from a place of authentic care and kindness but often feel a little shallow in comparison to physical gestures of appreciation. 

Rather than relying solely on impersonal emails and instant messages, modern businesses should consider leaning on the ageless art of thank-you notes. A timely thank-you note is the ultimate sign of your appreciation and can build a lasting bond between your business and your clients. 

The Power of Personalised Marketing

Sending a thank you note to a customer is a great way to show your consumers that you authentically appreciate their business. A “thank you” can also build trust and invoke a sense of loyalty and lead to repeat purchases. If you’re savvy about the content included in your “thank you”, you can subtly promote other products in your range, too. 

Some of the best “thank you” notes you can send to customers send include: 

  • “Thank you [customer name] for using [business name]. We appreciate your continued support, and we hope to see you again soon!”
  • “[Customer name], thank you for stopping by. [Business name] and all of our associates look forward to your future visits.
  • “Hi [customer name]. We just wanted to say thanks. It’s loyal customers like you that allow [business name] to continue its operations, and we couldn’t be more thankful. So, our sincerest thank you.” 

Before firing off a batch of thank you cards, take the time to consider your consumer’s preferences.

If you’re a quirky, trendy brand that appeals to Gen-Z, then you might want to opt for a more informal, friendly approach. However, that same approach may be taken as disrespect if you’re selling high-end goods to folks who value formality and decorum over slang and eye-catching style. 

Adapt your message to meet your customer expectations and choose a card that aligns with your brand mission. Thank you cards can be customized and tailored to meet your needs, too. So, whether you want to send off a collection of Deco-Wreath-inspired prints, or a range of Geometric Bias Cuts, there’s always a card to suit your brand vision. 

Employee Appreciation 

Thank you cards aren’t just for customers. A timely “thank you” note can seriously boost employee morale and show that you care about the health and well-being of your staff. 

Handwritten notes carry the weight of genuine gratitude and are a physical sign that you’ve taken time from your day to thank a peer or coworker. However, there may be times when you want to do more than just send a card. 

Maximize the impact on your employee appreciation cards by pairing them with wellness gifts that boost morale. If you’re working on a budget, consider small tokens of appreciation like: 

  • Bath bombs;
  • Tea sets;
  • Self-care boxes;
  • Yoga memberships.

These gestures of gratitude will go a long way when employees are feeling the strain of a busy quarter. Double down on the gift with a sincere, appreciative message. If you are looking for ideas, consider the following: 

  • Dear [employee name]. Thank you for all of your hard work. Your contributions make such a difference to [business name].
  • Hi, [employee name]. Just a small gift to say ‘thank you’ from the management team. Your hard work and dedication haven’t gone unnoticed!
  • Hi, [employee name]. We know you’ve been working so hard recently and wanted to pass on a small gift to help with your health and wellness.

Ideally, you should personalize your choice of gift and message to the recipient. A personalized message and gift show that you understand and appreciate the employee on a personal level. This will bolster your employee loyalty and help you distinguish yourself as a people-first leader in the workplace. 

Clients and Business Partnerships

Networking is one of the best ways to meet and retain high-profile customers. Executives predict that they’d lose 28% of their business if they stopped networking, and a further 48% say they attend events like trade shows purely to network with potential clients. 

However, standing out in the busy world of modern business can be tough. Your competitors are doing all they can to appeal to the same consumers as you and will pay top-dollar rates to build relationships that last. 

Rather than trying to out-spend your competitors on expensive digital marketing campaigns, consider sending out a few handwritten “thank you” notes. A handwritten note can cut through the noise and show prospective clients and consumers that they matter to you. This is particularly important today, as many marketing strategies are designed to target a mass audience rather than an individual buyer or business partner. 

Go the extra mile when sending a “thank you” note by including a gift to solidify your friendship. A small gift may cost a few dollars upfront but can generate big business rewards down the line. If there’s a business partner that means a lot to you, consider a gift like: 

  • High-quality water bottle;
  • Fountain pens;
  • Yamazaki accessory trays.

These small gifts can support your business partner during their busy day and show that you truly care about their contribution. Follow up with a formal, but personalized message like:

  • Dear [partner name]. It was great to meet you at [event name] — it sounds like you’re working on some great things! Let’s keep in touch. In the meantime, here’s a small gift to help you during the busy workweek.
  • Hi, [client name]. It’s been a year since you started working with [business name]! As a small gesture of appreciation, the team got together to buy you [gift name] — we hope it serves you well! 
  • Hi, [associate name]. It was great catching up at [event name]! We should talk more about your ideas in the future. In the meantime, here’s a little gift to keep you hydrated throughout the week!

Follow up by including contact information and a call to action. Prospective clients who receive your gift might not get in contact straight away but will appreciate the gesture nonetheless. 


Thank you notes are the perfect way to cut through the noise and people that you authentically care about them. A handwritten note can be personalized to the recipient and will complement physical gifts like bath bombs and fountain pens perfectly. Just be sure to use the correct tone when writing your “thank you” note, as some clients will appreciate a formal tone while others will respond best to informal, slang-laden notes from trusted business partners.