Did you know that Amazon is now in Australia?

Did you also know that you no longer need a publisher to share your knowledge and expertise in a book?

Amazon Publish

Well if you didn’t, keep reading as I about to share with you the…

Top 5 Reasons to Market Your Business With A Book:

  1. Free SEO Google Juice

    Google loves Amazon! Imagine one of your prospective clients doing a search on Google prior to deciding whether to do business with you and all of a sudden they see your ‘expertise book’ pop up in the search results on Amazon. Do you think they would be impressed? Absolutely! Plus, not only will you show up on Amazon in the search results, which has its own internal search engine, you will also show up for Google too absolutely free.

  2. Instant Global Positioning & Credibility

    Whether you target a global marketplace or you don’t, there is definitely positioning and marketing authority power when you start using the title ‘International Author’ on all your print and digital collateral. Remember, high-end clients love to work with ‘experts’ and experts write books!

  3. Paid Lead Generation

    Every time a highly targeted reader goes to Amazon searching for the ‘exact’ topic in your area of expertise, finds your book and buys it, you have the opportunity to turn them into a lead. Not only that, Amazon pays you a commission to do so. The marketing opportunities on the platform are multiple giving many leverage opportunities for your business.Quick Tip: Always have some form of lead magnet in the first 2-3 pages of your book to attract those ideal readers into your business funnel.

  4. Gifting

    Did you know that you can actually gift digital Kindle eBooks? Let me paint a picture for you… You are in the middle of bidding for a tender or contract and the competition is fierce. Outside of price and a few unique skills, you are pretty much neck and neck when it comes to meeting the brief and you know you need that ‘stand out factor’ to seal the deal. Well now you can! As part of your proposal you can either gift them a copy of your digital book up there with industry experts on Amazon or, send them the physical copy with your proposal.Quick Tip: Prospective clients don’t throw away books, they only throw away business cards!

  5. FREE PR

    Guess who else loves Authors? Bingo! Yes, it’s true…the media and journalists love to promote and give free press to Authors. Why? Because anyone who is an Author is immediately deemed an authority on their area of expertise. Are you starting to get some ideas for marketing your expertise on Amazon yet? Writing a expertise positioning book is easy. Here are a few of my fast book writing tips to help you get started:

How To Write A Book Fast!

Now that you know why you want to write a book, let me share a few tips on how to get your expertise book written easily and painlessly.

  1. Write short 90 min books: These days’ people are busy and they don’t have time to read long boring drawn out books filled with fluff. Short succinct books are popular these days, which makes it easy to write lots of books and position multiple areas of expertise in your niche market quickly.
  2. Go deep on one topic: One of the strategies I teach my clients is to write books based on existing programs, training, coaching or products that lead them to a free gift in your marketing funnel. Teach them the what in the book, and provide the how in your programs.
  3. Use a framework: Writing an expertise book is like following a recipe. Keep it simple. Tell them tips, tools, strategies, systems, results or case studies that will move the needle for them and get them some sort of result. People read books to get a transformation or a quick win. Get them that outcome as quick as you can and then guide them to where they can learn more.

For more information on how to self-publish your expertise on Amazon, you are welcome to watch my Free Webinar and download my Self-Publishing Secrets Cheat Sheet at: http://pambrossman.com/30daybooks/