Top sales performers are tech enthusiasts and close more deals first thanks to a very strict process and secondly because they use the best in class tools to accelerate their outbound sales!

Ultimate Guide To Accelerate your Sales Process

1. The Information Sponge 

First of all, sales persons has to know by heart their product and industry! Start doing your homework about your product by reading and mastering the different features, benefits and link them with pain points of your customers. Don’t get it wrong, a sales top performer do not recite a monologue about technical aspect of a product. Sales leaders highlight targeted features, link them with related benefits customers could benefits and stay informational. A complete knowledge of the product is a requirement and having some understanding about the industry and competitors business is always a plus while convincing potential prospects. More specific, niche related & technic your product is, deeper your understanding should be about the product and the industry.

2. The Prospector

Prospecting means looking for new customers by digging into your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP). Becoming a sales top prospector is not an easy task, as you need to define where, who and how you are prospecting. You can waste hours digging the wrong place, using wrong channels or searching for the wrong audience. Firstly you need to define your ICP also call Buyer Persona in marketing. Your ICP represents your high potential customers who have a pain your product or service solve. Find out what are their common variable such as industry, culture, challenges, goals, company size, contact position  and customer of your targeted audience.

As soon as you have your ICP, start digging professional networks such as Linkedin to get their full social profile & contact info. Indeed Professional social media networks allow you to focus your search on specific attribute such as job position, industry, geographical area, size of the market, etc.).

Afterward you can manually start prospecting or use sales prospecting softwares. Prospecting manually is extremely time consuming and require a full time sales rep to do the job. However you will prospect for free, just need to pay your sales rep. Sales prospecting software are by far the best option as it offer very accurate data (80% verified email address) for 0.09$/leads using This quality of lead is reached because professional networks users continuously update their profile. CRM integration then depends of the quality of the lead generation software, salestools is integrated with +70 CRMs.

 3. The Sales Hunter

Time to use your database and build relationship with your future customers, also call prospects. Hardcore outbound sales start right now! A sharp approach is essential to master your sales and be identified as an expert; a solution “giver”. Your first approach to your customer has to be prepared, formalized and follow a strict methodology. The sales process start by first emailing your prospects with an informational & very straight to the point content. Your prospects have only 20 seconds to read your email. CRM, email tracking software and marketing automation software will help you to manage, track and improve your email campaign. 

The main point of every sales pitch (email or call) is first to introduce yourself, then ask very open questions to your prospects to let them talk about their pains, identify the pain points and then start linking every pain points (max 3) to benefits of your products and if necessary features.

4. The Closer

80% of deals are lost because salesperson fails at the closing stage. Closing is the last stage in the “during sales” process. Closing could be an appointment, a live demo, meeting or a widget. Most of the time SDR try to figure out what are the main obstacles that prevent your prospect to buy your product/service during the closing stage. 

After closing do not forget to ask for referral ! Most of account executives forget to ask for referals after closing. Big mistakes as your 2 next potential clients are connected with the one you have close the deal.