What many people might not notice is that the wedding industry is a $72 billion worth market. This means that wedding photographers with an intention of starting their own business have a clear shot of succeeding in this field.

That being said, it’s not easy to simply start a company from scratch. Let’s not forget about the tough competition and vital steps that need to be completed first. Therefore, you need to be well-informed and prepared before heading off on this amazing adventure. So, take a peek at the essential things you need to take care of before jumping into the wedding business jungle.

From a Hobby to Gear Investments

It’s time to face the facts, photography is an expensive profession. Hence, starting a wedding photography business means investing in professional gear and gadgets to assure your customers get the best service they would gladly recommend to others. After all, that is how a small company becomes a global brand.

Since you will have to constantly invest in all the available improvements, it’s crucial to start saving early on. Every time you earn money shooting on the side, take a portion until you collect sufficient means for supporting your startup project. Why? Just consider the following costs of basic necessities every professional wedding photography service must have:

  • Studio and an office for receiving clients.
  • Full professional equipment.
  • Software for accounting and tracking business progress.
  • Business website for spreading awareness and getting leads with your work.
  • Insurance, legal fees, and other costs.
  • Specially designed marketing and advertising campaigns.

Skill Improvements

Weddings can be chaotic and overwhelming at times and the photographer’s duty is to simplify his role and provide guidance throughout the process to the newlyweds. In other words, you must be prepared for distractions and organize your time in a way that benefits both you and the clients.

Instead of complicating things for yourself and making things harder for the couple, it’s recommended that you gain the experience and skills before entering the market as an independent wedding photography entrepreneur.

Seek guidance from an experienced tutor, absorb the knowledge of expert wedding photography professionals, or take a photography class to further improve your skills and back them up with a certificate.

Business Goals    

What are your business objectives? Knowing that 80% of businesses fail during the first two years, you need to carefully plan every step of the action. So, what is the business goal and what do you need to do in order to achieve it?

It’s OK to dream big, but those dreams need to be applicable and manageable in reality. If you are truly passionate about it, go for it, but not without a business blueprint or a strategy to follow throughout the whole process.

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

Once you are ready to get hired as your own company, it’s time to step out of your comfort zone and realize that you are no longer just a photographer. You are now a wedding photographer, customer service agent, brand manager, bookkeeper, CEO, treasurer, and all other job roles a regular business needs.

The sooner you realize you will need to be handling all of these functions efficiently, the sooner will you be able to improve your skills on all of these levels.


Be patient and work hard toward achieving your dream. However, don’t be blinded by the title, but think long and hard, and try to understand what will be expected of you and your business. Start saving money and enhancing your skills. Do the outreach and plan your company’s development from beginning to the end. And when the all the fuss, worrying, and stress settles, take the time to enjoy what you have accomplished.