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The three pillars of preparing your business for sale

There comes a time in (most) founders’ lives when their thoughts turn to selling their business.  For some, it has always been the objective, and for some a gradual realisation that this is the endgame.  Regardless of how this objective has been arrived at, the key to a successful exit is preparation, preparation, preparation. 

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End the Financial Year in the Strongest Position

For many Australian small businesses, the financial year end in June is met with groans and a seemingly endless set of accounting tasks from wrapping up outstanding payments or purchases, to chasing receipts and preparing PAYG reports for employees.

However, smart businesses can use this time to understand exactly where they will land at the end of June and what that means in terms of profitability, cash, and tax planning to end the year strongly and set the foundation for a better new year ahead financially.

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Building the foundation of your business

Like anything that is designed to stand the test of time, building a business starts with strong foundations. It requires a plan, which you build the business to; milestones that you need to reach along the way; and a method that indicates exactly what actions need to be taken at what point to achieve the vision you have.

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Top tips to avoid the tax time scramble

The deadline for Australian small businesses to lodge their Business Activity Statements (BAS) and make sure all GST records are up to date is quickly approaching. If you’re armed with the correct tools, know when to seek advice, and are prepared to handle mistakes if and when they happen, you can navigate the process quickly and efficiently — all while keeping your business running smoothly. 

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Top Tips for Improving eCommerce Delivery and Returns

With online shopping booming, Australian online retailers can increase sales and convert visitors to customers by enacting changes to their delivery and returns systems. Delivery, returns, and theft concerns make online shoppers cautious, and this impacts online retailers. It’s not good for a brand’s reputation if deliveries don’t arrive as intended or go missing – as a consequence, brands suffer from poor customer experience.

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How to Get Organised for Tax Time and Maximise Returns

Tax time is fast approaching and it can be one of the most stressful times for business owners, especially if you’re not organised. There is a lot of administration and paperwork to deal with and it can feel overwhelming. If you’re looking to minimise the stress and maximise your returns, now is the time to start getting organised for tax time.

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