The most common issue with most businesses who dabble in Facebook Advertising is that they don’t get the results they were expecting or don’t know how to accurately track the results of their campaign.

Facebook advertising has been dubbed “the holy grail” of marketing according to a recent article in The Age, however if not used to its full potential, you’re likely to find your advertising a flop, rather than the amazing results you we’re expecting.

So here are 7 Top Tips to get your Facebook advertising working for you and getting the results you’d expect from the “holy grail” that is Facebook marketing.

  1. Install Facebook Pixel on your website:
    Facebook’s Pixel tool is an essential part of advertising on Facebook. It allows you to deep dive into the type of people who are visiting your website and purchasing your products. It then allows you to re-target the people who have been on your site and haven’t made a purchase. You can also use your Facebook Pixel to create a lookalike audience based on the people who have visited your website.
  2. Get to know your Google Analytics:
    Now I know what you’re thinking “but we’re talking about advertising on Facebook” but Facebook is only one piece of your marketing funnel. To effectively market to your audience, you need to understand where all your website visitors are coming from and their demographics also.
  3. Understand your ideal audience:
    When you keep your audience in Facebook Advertising broad, you’ll have two possible outcomes: you’ll be less likely to find your tribe, or you’ll find them but it will cost you a lot to do so. The reason for this is that everyone is different, and although your target market may be Women between the ages of 25-45, this is still a really broad category. So, getting to know both your ideal audience and the people who are already visiting your website, is the key to narrowing down on your target market for advertising on Facebook, which will get you better results or a better price.
  4. Don’t be afraid to try a few things:
    Everyone is different and what appeals to one person, may not appeal to others. It’s always best to split-test your ads so that you can see what appeals to your audience. You can split test the copy, images etc.
  5. Lastly, when you have a campaign running which is generating traffic to your website, make sure you have a re-targeting campaign in place:
    Why? Because if it’s the first time someone has seen your business, they aren’t likely to purchase from you on the first visit to your website, so having a re-targeting campaign so that they see you again in their news feed, gives them another opportunity to see your business and get to know you before making that purchase.
  6. Have event goals set up so you can track the effectiveness of your campaign:
    It’s one thing to have an add that is generating click throughs to your website, but it’s a completely different thing to have an ad that’s also converting into sales. When you set up event tracking, you can effectively track not only the click throughs, but the conversions from your campaigns also. Sometimes an ad with low click throughs might be generating more sales, so it’s always best to monitor both.
  7. When in doubt, hire a Facebook Advertising professional:
    Facebook advertising can be tricky. If you’ve tried the above tricks and just can’t seem to get the results you think you should be, then it might be time to either do a course in Facebook Advertising or hire a Facebook Advertising professional.  A professional should run an audit of your existing socials and analytics, provide you with recommendations, set up audiences for you to use and run a campaign for you, providing you with a report at the conclusion of the campaign.  When searching for an advertising professional, make sure you ask them their results, ask them to see ads they’ve run in the past for clients, and even ask for testimonials from past or current clients.

Is there anything you’d add to this list? What’s worked for you when it comes to advertising on Facebook?