If you the owner of a commercial space or office, then you need to hire cleaning personnel who can clean and maintain your office space with expertise. Generally, you can hire commercial cleaning companies who provide manpower for the cleaning of offices and industries of any size. With the rise of commercialization, the need for such services has also increased. So, here are some of the things that you need to check before hiring a cleaning company.


  1. Services Offered

When you talk about cleaning, it can mean various things. Daily cleaning includes a simple dusting of the surfaces and sweeping and mopping of the floors. But extensive cleaning services include cleaning the garbage and keeping washrooms clean and hygienic. There are also other types of cleaning services, such as glass pane cleaning, equipment cleaning, pest, and mold cleaning services that are needed only once in a while. So, before hiring a commercial cleaning company, you need to find out which of these services would you need and whether the company you are looking for offers them or not.

  1. Survey Before Offering a Price Quote

Before hiring any cleaning company, ask them how they will provide their price quotes. It would be better if they send their personnel to survey your office and have a look at the tasks in hand. Suppose, you have to clean your office glass panes, the company should visit your space to measure the area of glass to be cleaned and then provide their quotes. Always take quotes from a number of cleaning companies, so that you can compare and make a decision, based on the range and quality of service and their rates.

  1. Insurance for the Employees

Do commercial cleaning companies have medical insurance for their employees? It might happen that any misfortune event occurs during the cleaning activity at your office. If the employee has insurance, you will not have to bear the blame or the medical costs associated with their treatment.

  1. Tools and Supplies

After you have found a cleaning services company that matches all the above-mentioned criteria, then you must ask if they will provide the cleaning tools and supplies such as disinfectants, oils, phenytoin, etc. Generally, a good commercial cleaning company will bear the cost of the tools, chemicals, and disinfectants required for the project. It is to be noted that sometimes the prices of these chemicals and disinfectants can be a bit costly. If you don’t want any miscommunication, then ask this question clearly at the time of hiring itself.

  1. Provision for Yearly Contracts

You might be able to save a lot of money on cleaning if you enter into a yearly contract with a company. If the cleaning contractor is providing such contracts, check their duration, validity, and prices. Also, check how many visits will they provide within this duration. A well-reputed commercial cleaning company will provide long term contracts, as it looks to build long term relationships with commercial clients rather than making maximum money from their short visits.

  1. Their clients

If everything is falling into place, then you should have a look at their current list of clients too. This will give you a first-hand idea about the reputation of the company. While looking for their clients, search for the ones that match your industry. Read their reviews and see what their existing clients have to say about their service and professionalism.

  1. Experience in Handling Similar Cleaning Services

Find out since how long has the company been providing commercial cleaning services. Find out if their employees are trained and knowledgeable about the procedures of handling different types of disinfectants that may be poisonous.

  1. Meeting Deadlines

It is important to know the maximum time that might be needed to complete the work. Certain types of cleaning may hamper productivity and daily business operations. So, make sure that the company is able to clean the office during office hours only, or within minimum time so that your office work does not get disturbed.

While there is no option other than hiring a cleaning company for your office or industry, here we have discussed a few factors to choose the best one. Make sure to match the budget and other services according to your needs and make an informed decision.