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Let’s do some spring cleaning!

We know that the new year blogs are so cliché but this one could actually serve you well for 2021. January is a great time to do some business spring cleaning while everyone is still on holidays. We’re talking about spring cleaning your brand.  This isn’t about doing a rebrand but more about taking stock of your brand, where it appears and is it in line with everything else.

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5 Crucial Reasons Why Your Food Brand Needs Great Packaging

Beauty is only skin deep, so the saying goes. However, in the case of food packaging, what’s on the outside is just as important as the goodies held within. Whatever niche your product falls into, it’s undoubtedly a crowded market. This means that if your product’s packaging isn’t quite up to scratch, it risks being overshadowed by its more glamorous neighbours.

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What Your Business Needs To Become A Value Driven Brand To Keep Your Customers Coming Back For More.

Now if you are new to business and even if you’re not, there are several foundations that you can lay within your business (no matter the size) to be a favourable brand. Here are what businesses and brands worldwide would consider the top three non-negotiable activities every business wanting to create a value driven brand needs to do.

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DIY Digital Marketing

In a nutshell, digital marketing comprises all the activities you undertake to promote your business in the online world. Your business’s home on the internet will be your website. As people visit your website, you’ll be introducing them to your business and what you offer, and hopefully converting them into clients.

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