There’s no doubt that continually having to come up with new content, not only for social media but for blog posts, is time-consuming. It often seems like there is only so much you can write or post about before it all starts to become repetitive; there are only so many ways you can write a blog on a particular subject right? 

There is no doubt that regularly creating new content is important, and if you are quickly running out of ideas, there are a few options out there for those looking for new content ideas that will save you time. 

Opinion Stage

Polls, quizzes and surveys are a great way to get engagement from your readers and followers – and the answers they give are a great way to create new content, as well as of course getting new leads and drive sales for your business. 

Opinion Stage is a tool that allows you to create interactive and visual surveys, polls, quizzes and forms for your brand. With plenty of templates across a range of subjects that you can use or modify to meet your needs, the quizzes, polls, surveys and forms are easy to use and can be completely customised to meet your needs. 

Online polling and survey tools increase engagement with your audience and using Opinion Stage, you can get them up and running in minutes, not hours. There’s plenty of options including auto closing, allowing your audience to suggest their own answers, a lead integration form, allowing multiple answers and the ability to customise how your survey or poll looks. 

There are a few membership options for Opinion Stage, from free and basic through to performance, best for businesses that are growing and looking for more. 

Answer the Public

AnswerthePublic is growing in popularity with businesses and bloggers – it’s like a fly on the wall of search engine autocomplete searches! Essentially you just put in your keyword or term, and AnswerThePublic spits out useful phrases and questions that people are inputting about your keyword or key term. If you’re running out of titles or subjects for your content, this is a great way to create fresh content that people are searching for. 

Imagine having the ability to listen in on what your potential customers are searching for, meet them where they are online, monitor trends and even find niches that aren’t being addressed by your competition. AnswerThePublic gives you this and much more. 

We all know that filling a content calendar is hard work; finding content ideas that will engage your audience and drag in new customers is no easy task. AnswerthePublic makes it easier to find potential content ideas and lets you fill that calendar quickly. 

If you’re creating content regularly, AnswerThePublic is well worth signing up to. With memberships starting from $99USD/month, with unlimited searches for autocomplete phrases and questions, you’ll have no trouble creating content that engages your audience.  

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